DreamsNex Fastest growing builder of bahria town Karachi

DreamsNex – ”fastest growing builder in bahria town Karachi”

DreamsNex is a Fastest growing construction company & most trusted Builders of Bahria Town, Karachi that has brought bold idea to life, providing creativity and new techniques. DreamsNex builders builds quality urban lifestyle by adding sparkle in every project with creativity and cutting-edge techniques. DreamsNex uses its experience as a general contractor and its design/build skills to meet the needs of each project. It stands apart from the rest because of the innovative ways in which it uses cutting-edge technology.

DreamsNex is dedicated to always improving, and the company strives to be the most knowledgeable and competent in every field. The finest luxury property living, Residential Apartment Buildings, Commercial and Residential plots, and land developments, including joint ventures, are only a few examples of the kinds of monuments that may be designed and built.

Our Achievements & Awards

DreamsNex has worked hard to get to the top, and our hard work and dedication have earned us a lot of awards. Bahria Town Karachi is where we put all of our attention, and we’ve built a wide variety of cutting-edge projects there, all to the highest standards and within the greatest time constraints. As a result, we prioritize honesty and efficiency with our clientele. Therefore, we couldn’t be more pleased with the several prestigious honors we’ve garnered. Therefore, some of them are:

  1. National Leader Award for Outstanding Construction Services of the Year.

  2. Apna Karachi Award for Best Builders in Karachi

  3. Fastest Growing Brand of the year award 2021

DreamsNex is working on six mega projects and constructing villas in various areas of Bahria Town Karachi in the finest locations in the area. On time delivery of several individually designed villas that fully satisfy customer requirements has been achieved. Before signing any deal, Dreamsnex lays out all of the fees and instalments in detail and establishes lasting connections with its customers in order to provide them with high-quality buildings and a progressive way of life.

Our one of the Karachi’s most exclusive residential apartments, which is known as DX Smart Apartments is located at the very prime location of Bahria town Karachi. It is just in front of Ali Square, while on the backside there are villas of precinct 10-A, which is surrounded by lush green areas. Along with these features, this area is present at height. The DX Smart Apartments in Bahria Town, Karachi being one of a kind, are the first mobile-controlled apartments in Pakistan.

DreamsNex has launched its new residential units, Dx Heights in the perfect spot of Precinct 11-A Entrance Plot #9 Corner in Bahria Town. This one-of-a-kind construction is conveniently situated at the front entrance. The facilities and support staff of DreamsNex are well-known for being among the best in the industry. The accommodations provide opulent bedroom options for both 2 and 3 people. We use state-of-the-art building techniques. When it comes to design and quality, we are dedicated to always improving, and the company strives to be the most knowledgeable and competent in every field.

DX Luxury Apartments is located in the heart of Bahria Town Karachi and offers a breathtaking view of the Grand Jamia Masjid. It offers a luxurious place to relax in an environment with wonderful views. It is situated on Midway Commercial 2, which is the ideal location providing 2 & 3 bedroom apartments.

Dreamsnex introduces the concept of smart living in Bahria Town Karachi. The smart technologies in these apartments, which are called DX Smart Residency are part of DreamsNex latest “mega project.”

Given the growth of Bahria Town Karachi as a commercial center, DreamsNex decided to expand into the commercial property sector with the development ofDx Trade Toweron Main Jinnah Avenue. The proposed structure is an 18-story high-rise that would have several retail and office spaces. The Tower will be constructed in a way that eliminates the need for support columns, making for an airy and comfortable work environment with a tall ceiling and floor.

Bahria Greens is an ideal community if you’re looking for a reasonably priced community. Nothing compares to acquiring a luxurious villa for a cheap and reasonable cost. As a result, 75 square yard plots with two story elevations may be built here. You will be able to make a nice life as well here.

In addition, there are masjids, play spaces, English-medium schools, and other amenities in Bahria Greens. For individuals who desire to live in a contented community inside themselves, this society is ideal. It offers people all the amenities of today for a higher quality of life.

Our Payment Plans

The outstanding quality of DreamsNex builders construction supplies and the accompanying services have contributed to the company’s stellar reputation among industry professionals. In addition, we have a known for offering the most trustworthy and simple payment schedule imaginable to our consumers. For each inventory, we provide a unique and distinctive down payment plan that is tailored to the location that is provided. Our clients will have a wide range of alternatives from which to choose the ideal course of action. Rental revenue is 6% for commercial projects and 5% for residential projects.

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