Latest DX Trade Tower Updates

Latest DX Trade Tower Updates



Latest DX Trade Tower Updates

DreamsNex is working hard to maintain the timeline that we have given for the finishing of the Trade Tower. It is on its way to the completed point as the site execution has started today. We are always working on making sure that the construction continues of all the projects we have so far. Hence, the DX Trade Tower has been getting more effort because we want to showcase it to the public majestically. The team of DreamsNex draws out the best possible plan that we can endure to do so. Hence, we are happy that everything is going to plan and it completes within the timeline that we presented.

Moreover, we also ensure that DX Trade Tower is going to be worth the wait. As it is a ground + 18-floor building, it is going to take some time to complete because of the perfect outcomes that we need. The tower is being built in a prime location which is Main Jinnah Avenue. Hence, it is going to stand strong with all the desirable features in it. The location we chose is accessible to many and it has many precincts nearby as well. Therefore, it is going to be one of the best gains to have a look at the tower whenever you are looking for a new place to work.

Each of its floors holds offices as well which is why we need much precision. However, with the passage of time, we are completing each step of the process to get to the final result as soon as possible while ensuring the stability as well as durability of the structure. The site execution holds more importance which is why we are happy to start it off today for our DX Trade Tower. You will be getting to see it completed soon with everything furnished and set.

9th December, 2022 – Site Execution of Dx Trade Tower


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