Bahria Town Karachi

Home to millions,Bahria Town Karachi has surely set the best living standards that we now know today. There are tons of different things that you will be able to find in Bahria Town that you will not see anywhere else. It is a primitive society that ensures the best living purposes for everyone. Hence, one of the best things about Bahria town in Karahi, Lahore, as well as Rawalpindi is that you will be able to get model houses. These are a real help when it comes to finding out how you want your home to be made as well.

These model houses give new visitors a good explanation as well as a view of their homes if they are willing to settle here. Moreover, they will also know about the environment and what the surrounding areas are like. This is not seen within any other society in Pakistan. Hence, it makes it easier for customers to avail because they will already have an excellent overview of their perfect living conditions in the area.

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Grand Jamia Masjid

Religion always plays an important role in our everyday life. Therefore, there is nothing like the Grand Jamia Mosque located in Bahria Town Karachi. This mosque is made to display pure historic architecture as well as give Muslims a great space to practice their religion. It is not just the pure beauty that it gives out but, also the size. It is the 7th largest mosque in the world. It is huge enough to hold worshippers across the whole country almost 70,000. Therefore, it has a mesmerizing structure given to it.

It is not only Bahria Town Karachi that holds such a beautiful mosque but, also Bahria Town Lahore and Rawalpindi. Therefore, you will be able to come across numerous different mosques in the rest of the areas as well. These precious mosques are only located in high prime areas such as Bahria Town.

Bahria Town Maintaince & Security

Everyone is looking for different means of security. Therefore, you are always going to be getting the best sense of security in Bahria Town. They are always offering different and modern kinds of security to protect your living. They offer protective gates with cameras as well as guards. Moreover, not just that but they offer quick rescue services as well. The roads are leveled and they are adjusted to make traveling and rescuing easy and secure. Hence, you just need to give them a call and they will come right to your service.

Entertainment places

There is no fun where there is no entertainment. Hence, Bahria Town offer’s some of the best kinds of Dancing Fountain’s, Safari Parks, Adventure Parks as well as Sight Seeing Parks. All of these and much more are set within the highest standards. Hence, the zoo includes all different sorts of animals and they are kept healthy and happy for visitors to enjoy. You will also be able to find various parks and gardens nearby in every society with a play area for children.

Central Park Apartments

If you are looking for a place to live in a joint joyful community then Bahria Town Karachi is now offering the Central Park Apartments. This location is in the most iconic place and it gives ease to a ton of other elements as well. This is one of the most high-rise apartments in Bahria Town Karachi and you can easily get a place through booking. This building has tons of apartments that accommodate 2 bedroom apartments which are 1100 square feet. Moreover, you will also be getting an option of 4-bed duplex penthouses.

It is located in a principal location and it is also easily viewed on a map. You will be getting a ton of other facilities as well. As it is in a high location, you will have easy access to all the shopping galleries nearby and a ton of other elements too. You will be able to visit attractions easily and the view is breathtaking. Hence, you will surely be amazed by the view that it gives to residents. If you are looking for a place that is filled with greenery and nature then you will have this nearby as well.

The Central Park Apartments not only focus on giving a lavish set lifestyle but also works on giving a healthy lifestyle. Hence, the best thing about its surrounding is that you will be able to find a lake that is nearby. Not only 1 or 2 but numerous of them. There is also a pathway where you can easily enjoy your morning run or jog. Children’s play areas are also set in various parts of the lake. You will also be able to find a roller skating rink and a flower garden. The amphitheater is also a relaxing spot for you to go when you are looking for something a bit more relaxing.

International Level Bahria Schools and Colleges

While making society fulfill all the wishes of having a dream home, it is also important to situate the best facilities as you can. Hence, it is a piece of award-winning news that now there is a second campus of Bahria school as well as a college for all the people who are living in Bahria Town Karachi. This has mainly been done so that school-going children can have the best access to their homes as well. As Bahria Town Karachi is situated a bit away from the main city, it would be difficult for school and college students to travel.

Therefore, it is exciting and thrilling news to see how Bahria Town Karachi has made an effort to make the utmost accommodation for school-going as well. Now getting an education is easy and it is done within the own surroundings of the area. This relaxes the parents as well. Not only are these schools made in the best location and provide all the facilities but, they are also giving numerous school systems to choose from. Therefore, children can choose from the Agha Khan Board system or the O-Level education system from Cambridge. It is also now rumored that there are more educational institutes to come.

Free shuttle service

Bahria Town Karachi is making sure that all residents are living their best life by promoting and setting out all the different facilities. Therefore, now you will also be able to see a free shuttle service moving around the whole of Bahria Town Karachi. This service is free and it moves around from Malir Halt to Sohrab Goth. There are 2 buses that are used. One takes passengers from Malir Halt and the other one brings them back from Sohrab Goth. The route of these 2 destinations is one of a kind and you will be able to enjoy this ride whenever you pay for a trip. Moreover, this free shuttle service starts every day from 7.15 in the morning.

Sightseeing bus service

It is no hidden fact that Bahria Town has numerous attractions, monuments, and statues. All of these things add to its beauty which makes it one of a kind. Therefore, for having such as lively setting and ensuring all the different elements, citizens can easily take a trip around Bahria Town Karachi by calling for a sightseeing bus. This can also be one of the best trips for schools that are presented by Bahria Town Karachi. Hence, these busses have the best structure given to them and it makes them stand out from the rest of the vehicles.

It is a great way how tourists can also place visit and see the hard work done to maintain such a beautiful environment. These busses will take you to all the different locations such as the Bahria Day & Night safari( Danzoo ), Bahria Adventure Land, Grand Jamia Masjid, Bahria dancing fountain, Eifferl Tower as well as the Danzoo. The starting part of this your is a carnival which already adds much excitement and joy. The ticket for this tour has been kept at a minimum below 50 PKR and it is available on the weekends during the evening time.