Invest in DX Homes-An Affordable Residential Projects

Invest in DX Homes-An Affordable Residential Projects

“Invest in DX Homes-An Affordable Residential Projects”

DreamsNex is a construction company in Bahria Town Karachi that is known for its creativity and new ideas. DreamsNex uses its experience as a general contractor and its design/build skills to meet the needs of each project. DreamsNex stands apart from the rest because of the innovative ways in which it uses cutting-edge technology. Every single person on the crew is completely committed to the mission of the firm, which is to provide services of the best possible quality while adhering to the strictest possible moral and ethical guidelines. Our team handles projects of all sizes and types for a wide range of owners, developers, and end users.

DreamsNex is the fastest construction company, working on multiple projects as well as villa construction. We are building on more than 40 plots of different sizes in different areas and of different sizes from 125sq yards to 500sq yards. Many customized villas have been delivered on time to clients, meeting their needs and wants. DreamsNex builds long-term relationships with its clients so that it can help them get good construction and a modern way of life.

DreamNex’s services extend well beyond traditional business models. DreamsNex is working on six projects, which are located in very prime locations in the heart of Bahria Town, Karachi.

Our residential projects

  • Dx Smart Apartments
  • Dx Smart Residency
  • Dx Heights
  • Dx Green Villas

Dx Heights

Dx Heights is located in Bahria Town Karachi Precinct 11-A Entrance Plot #9 Corner. This precinct is unique, making it a fantastic location to be in if you enter the complex from the main gate. The area is developed and populated around it and is changing over time. DreamsNex is known for the high quality of the facilities and services it offers.

DX Luxury Apartments

The DX Luxury Apartments are located in the heart of Bahria Town Karachi and have a stunning view of the Grand Jamia Masjid. It offers a luxurious place to relax in an environment with wonderful views. It is situated on Midway Commercial 2, which is the ideal location.

Dx Smart Residency

Dx Smart Residency is located on Liberty Commercial 3 in Bahria Town Karachi with stunning views of the Grand Jamia Masjid and Bahria Heights nearby. It offers a luxury place to relax and enjoy your lifestyle in an environment with wonderful views.

Dx Smart Apartments

DreamsNex has made and designed Pakistan’s most luxurious and peaceful apartments with all of your comfort zones and desires in mind. Our apartments are made to meet your highest standards and offer a great value and a location that can’t be beat. This project is adjacent to Ali Square, one of the most populated and developed areas of Bahria Town Karachi

Dx Green Villas

Dx Green Villas is one of the best options if you are on the hunt for low-cost villas in Bahria Town Karachi There is nothing better than getting a four-bedroom luxury villa at an affordable price. Hence, you can construct your villa on a 75-square-yard plot with an elevation of ground + 2 stories above ground.

Payment Plans- Invest with us now

The exceptional quality of DreamsNex’s construction materials and the accompanying services they provide have helped the company achieve a remarkable reputation among industry experts. Also, we are known for giving our customers the most reliable and easy-to-understand payment plan that is even remotely possible. Moreover, we are offering 5% annual rental income on our residential projects. We offer a unique and distinctive down payment plan that is customized for each inventory based on the areas that are offered.

Contact us now for the best offers!



The Organizers and Collaboration Partners cordially invite all Electronic and Print Media on
25th November 2022
4:30p.m at Eden College Auditorium
For the Announcement and Press Briefing of DX Sindh Culture Day Family Festival 2022
To be followed by Hi-Tea.
Eden College, Behind Ocean Mall, Karachi.
Contact For Details
Dr Ghulam Mustafa: 03003344483
Humna Syed:  03318806025
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DreamsNex is proud to share its accomplishments & Awards for 2022

DreamsNex is proud to share its accomplishments & Awards for 2022

DreamsNex is the pinnacle of providing a high-end, five-star lifestyle complete with lavish facilities and flawless execution at Bahria Town Karachi. Salam Estate & Builders has launched DreamsNex to give the people of Pakistan access to its world-class construction services. DreamsNex has flourished since its foundation in 2020, rising in clients, staff, and development project scope and profitability at an astounding rate. Over the years, the company has built a strong reputation for trustworthy connections with consumers on all levels. DreamsNex is proud to share its accomplishments & Awards for 2022.

DreamsNex has risen to the top because of our tireless devotion to our work, which has been recognized with a number of honors. Our team is always brainstorming new approaches to addressing the problems impacting Pakistan’s standard of living. Hence, we engage in a series of procedures in order to get to our final goal in any given plan. As a result, the people of Pakistan recognize DreamsNex as the source of some of the country’s finest and most respectable public works. DreamsNex’s goal is to achieve the utmost satisfaction of our customers and employees by always meeting or exceeding their expectations. We’re familiar with the best of what Bahria Town, Karachi has to offer and will do our best to accommodate your specific need.

Our primary focus is Bahria Town Karachi, where we have executed a large number of creative initiatives within the best timeframe and with the finest quality. Therefore, we couldn’t be more pleased with all of the prestigious awards we’ve earned, some of them are:

  • National Leader Award for Outstanding Construction Services of the Year.Nation's Leader Award by PBCF
  • Apna Karachi Award for Best Builders in Karachi
  • Fastest Growing Brand of the year award 2022

Our Quality Services

The contemporary conveniences and comforts available at DreamsNex are the result of careful planning by experienced architects. DreamsNex is distinguished from its competitors by its ground-breaking use of modern technologies. Engineers, project managers, and technical specialists of the highest caliber make up our staff. Our whole staff is dedicated to the company’s mission of offering trustworthy, high-quality building services. DreamsNex is finishing its six projects on schedule.

Our construction methods are cutting edge. Our organization is committed to becoming the most informed and skilled in any given industry, and we work tirelessly to improve our design and quality. It is possible to design and construct a wide variety of landmarks, including high-end luxury homes, apartment complexes, mixed-use projects, and commercial and residential properties.

The inspiration behind our pursuit of high-quality insight

There are many great factors that are taken into account at all times. Despite this, we go ahead and carry out those actions on our own. Because of the technical improvements that we have included in a number of our most opulent and famous projects, these endeavors have garnered a significant amount of acclaim. There is thus nothing that we base our efforts on. The members of our team are actively scouring the world in quest of a solution that will simplify and improve the quality of your daily life. As a result, we feel a lot of pride for all of the difficult labor that we have put in and the sleepless nights that we have endured because of these accolades. DreamsNex is proud to share its accomplishments & Awards for 2022.

Because of these honors, we have even more drive to pursue excellence in all we do. As a result, we are making improvements each and every day, and we pledge that in the not-too-distant future, we will provide everyone with fresh and creative initiatives. Your support is thus all that we need to make it through this difficult competition.

DreamsNex is proud to share its accomplishments & Awards for 2022.

Nation's Leader Award by PBCF

Nation’s Leader Award by PBCF

Nation’s Leaders Awards by PBCF: CEO Of Salaam Estates & Builders Sir Saifullah wins “Outstanding services of the year”

Nation’s Leader Award by PBCF, Saifullah CEO of Dreamsnex, has won an award for “Outstanding Construction Services of the Year” from the Nation’s Leader Award NLA 2.0, which has been presented on by the Pakistan Business Club Forum ( PBCF)

There are a number of well-known organizations in Pakistan, like the Pakistan Business Club Forum (PBCF) and Imdad-e-Azeem, that hold annual award ceremonies to recognize the work of successful businessmen in a variety of fields. It recognizes the work of individuals and appreciates Pakistan’s outstanding leaders for all they’ve done for the country.

Salaam Estates & Builders in Bahria Town Karachi, is widely considered to be the most successful and rapidly expanding construction company. We have assembled a group of exceptionally qualified and devoted workers. The company’s top goal is to make sure both its customers and its employees are happy, so it always meets or exceeds their expectations.

Salaam Estates & Builders is changing the real estate business by using new ideas, cutting-edge tools, and a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Their goal is to make their customers’ lives better. Our goal is to be Pakistan’s most trusted real estate company by providing excellent customer service and a wide range of brand-new high-end homes, apartment buildings, land for development, business spaces, and profitable investments.

We’re honored to have our work recognized as the “outstanding services of the year” in construction, and we promise to maintain our prominence as the industry benchmark and further the nation’s development.

Construction comparison between projects in Karachi and Bahria town Karachi

Construction comparison between projects in Karachi and Bahria town Karachi

Construction comparison between projects in Karachi and Bahria town Karachi

Construction comparison between projects in Karachi and Bahria town Karachi, Karachi has been known as the City of Lights mainly for the excellent infrastructure that it holds. There are numerous different elements that you will come across when you step foot in Karachi. Hence, a ton of things will attract you, and it will surely make you explore more. However, there are numerous societies that make Karachi one of its kind. The best society in Karachi that stands out is Bahria Town Karachi. It is one of the finest Gated Society in the whole of Karachi, making it go an extra level. Hence, there is nothing that you will not be able to find in Bahria Town Karachi. There is numerous fantastic infrastructures in Bahria Town Karachi. Not only is that, but the mode of living is prime.

Bahria Town Karachi has been one of the most exquisite elements that master the look of everything. Therefore, Bahria town Karachi is not only perfect for living a luxurious and comfortable life, but it has also given the residents of Bahria a modern and distinct way of living with almost all facilities. Here in this article, we will make a construction comparison between other projects in Karachi and Bahria town Karachi. This will help you to find the difference in why Bahria town Karachi is preferred by people as a luxury place to live.

Brief Comparison between Bahria Town Karachi and Other projects in Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi focuses on the best aspects of Karachi, such as the elitist and commercial areas, corporate and corporate opportunities, large city centers, malls, and parks, and eliminates any pollution, population, or waste problems from the city. It’s a beautiful sight that soothes the soul and eyes. Because it was built using international standards, the place is completely different from the rest of the country.

It is a unique housing project that offers top-quality entertainment, wellness, and urban centers. This is the right place to go if you want to ensure that your family has the life they deserve. This concept is relatively new in Pakistan. It has everything, from theme parks to recreation spots to themed resorts. Bahria Town Karachi’s monuments are a distinctive feature. It brings together the best of the world in one place. This unique place is a great place to live and work compared to other Karachi cities.

However, in other projects in Karachi, there is no use of international construction standards. The buildings and apartments in these projects are not built while following the stringent documented procedures. These projects don’t focus more on monument building and parks as well as spacious mosques and malls.

Neither the government nor private housing communities noticed that the possibility exists for the city to be managed by moving residents to the outskirts along the Highway. Bahria Town Karachi has a huge opening and huge potential for new entrants who are tired of the stress and pain in the rest of Karachi.

Bahria Town City Karachi initiated this initiative on a large scale. The land was 68.37 km in size and occupied 46000 acres under the Supreme Court’s legislation. They are the leaders in the real estate industry.

On the other hand, other projects in Karachi don’t have such a spacious area for construction. Some of them are still facing legislation issues and causing trouble to the residents living there.

Services for residents

While Construction comparison between projects in Karachi and Bahria town Karachi, Bahria Town Karachi focuses on well-constructed infrastructure, roads, and security systems, as well as power supply. This is in contrast to Karachi’s entire city. Other projects don’t give much attention to infrastructure, construction qualities, roads, and daily life utilities.

In other projects of Karachi, poorly managed drainages can lead to flooding and unhygienic environments, creating a problem for residents. Bahria Town Karachi has made this a major focus of its well-planned systems. This problem has been solved completely. Bahria Town Karachi disposal has never been as difficult as it was in other parts of Karachi. This project is state-of-the-art and can have a huge impact on your daily living.

In other projects, Naked Wiring Issues led to many injuries and casualties

A second electricity-related problem in Karachi is that many people are dying from electrocution due to the monsoon rains. This is due to open naked wires, which pose a serious threat to residents of Karachi City.

This crucial issue is not a problem in Bahria Town Karachi, as the entire society’s planning is built around underground wiring. The underground wiring system is not only safe for residents of Bahria Town but it has also been proven to be extremely beneficial in maintaining the environment and cleanliness of the surrounding area. Bahria Town residents can freely roam the area without worrying about the tension and hassle caused by all the wires. The underground wiring is fully safe and secure. It is also regularly updated and maintained.

Hence, there are some of the most significant construction features that can be compared to make a final decision about which is the best.

Dx Sindh Culture Day

Dx Sindh Culture Day – Family Festival

Dx Sindh Culture Day

The Creators Network with the successful history to promote sports and culture activities within Pakistan proud to announce 3 days DX Sindh Culture Day Family Festival in collaboration with Pakistan Rangers Sindh on 2nd, 3rd and 4th December 2022.

As we know that the people of Sindh celebrates their cultural day in the month of December. The people of Sindh celebrates Sindh cultural day every year and it became very usual there. Therefore, the group of DreamsNex Builders and TCN are organizing an event of Sindh Cultural Day on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day of December “Dx Sindh Culture Day“. You can join this event and enjoy with your family as it is the family-friendly event. Furthermore, they are organizing this event in the “Maritime Museum” so you need to come to the museum if you want to join this want. You can join with your family to make your weekend happy and enjoyable.

How the Sindh Cultural Day Started?

The original name of the Sindh cultural day is the “Topi Day”. In December 2009, the people of Sindh celebrate this cultural day for the first time. They celebrate the Sindh Cultural Day wearing Sindhi caps in their province to represent their culture. Furthermore, it was a large number of people wearing Sindhi caps and Ajraks. They went to rally which they did start from Karachi Press Club that is near to the Sindh Assembly Building. After that day, people of Sindh celebrate this cultural day every year in the month of December.

How Men Dress up on this Day?

The men of Sindh usually wear the traditional dress of Pakistan i.e. Kurta Shalwar. They do not wear Pant Shirts or T-shirts usually because it does not satisfy them. And if we talk about the dressing of Sindh Cultural Day, they commonly wear black Kurta Shalwar. Furthermore, they usually wear the cotton material clothes due to the weather of Sindh. But this clothing is not enough to celebrate their cultural day, so they wear the Sindhi Cap as well. The Sindhi cap is commonly in the red color and sometimes they are in blue colors too. Therefore, this cap is the main thing in their dressing for the Sindh Cultural Day because it represents their culture in a very charming and unique way.

How Women of Sindh Dress up?

If we talk about the women of Sindh, they also wear Kurta Shalwar usually in the Sindh. The makers of these clothes use Ajrak print to make these dresses for Sindhi Women. The women of Sindh also wear the traditional dresses such as Cholo, Sindhi Julaba and Chareno. All of these dresses are completely different to each other but they have some similar characteristics. In this modern time, the women of Sindh wear the Sindhi Kurti with a sherwani that has a V-Neck collar. Therefore, the women of Sindh wear these different styles of dresses on their Sindh Cultural Day to look more attractive.

How their Kids Dress up?

The children of Sindh play the most important role in making the Sindh Cultural Day successful. Furthermore, the children of Sindh dressed up same as their elders dressed up. And if we talk about young girls of Sindh, they made clothes that are made with Ajrak prints. It makes them look more charming and cute on this Day.


Event Venue: Pakistan Maritime Museum, Karachi.

Event Date: 2nd, 3rd and 4th December 2022.

Event Timings: 3:00p.m to 10:00p.m