Factors affecting the selection of construction material 

Factors affecting the selection of construction material

Factors affecting the selection of construction material

You will always need to be cautious when it comes to choosing the material for construction. It is an important aspect to look at because you are going to be building any sort of infrastructure. Therefore, it should always be looked upon and measured properly before you start mixing things in. Hence, you should always be keen when it comes to checking the materials and knowing about their elements. Some of the things that you need to look at are:


This is one of the most important pillars when it comes to construction materials. The material you are choosing needs to have a good source of strength so that it can be held upright for a longer period of time. The materials need to have the ability to hold to different forces and stresses such as tension. Compression and shear. There are going to be tons of different steel grades with different strengths that you can choose from. However, if the building does not have large loads, then lower steel grades are useful as this will help to reduce the cost.


You will need to know the durability as well as the life cycle of the material that you are going to choose. Hence, a material that has a longer life span is going to be the best. However, this will also come with some drawbacks such as costs. Another aspect you will need to see will be the maintenance level as these costs are also high. Hence, you do not want to undergo a procedure that was costly in the start and will remain costly. However. Durability is important to note because it will maintain your structure.


The cost of construction materials is way higher than people think. Hence, it can make you doge some good options. However, you will always have to compromise when it comes to the costs because you want to get materials that are strong and durable. Hence, construction costs also play a major role in the selection. It controls the entire element of the project. If you already have the amount to deal with materials that are strong, then it will not be a problem for you. However, you should ensure to stay within the budget because the extra money will help you out in the end in some or the other way.

The availability of local materials

If you are running low on costs, then you should concern about the local materials that you have. It will affect the cost of construction as well as the entire schedule of the construction. That is because if you are getting the materials from a different site, then the transportation will take time. Not only that but, it will also give you extra costs. Therefore, you can save yourself from high transportation costs as well. There are higher chances of delays as well. This is something that no one wants to happen. If one aspect of construction has been delayed, then the whole project will be extended to a further date.

However, all of this will be the opposite if you get in touch with your local materials. The transportation will be easy and fast, reducing the chances of having any delays and it will also be cheaper because it’s within your own home country.

Handling and storage

Storage is important when it comes to construction because you will need to bring in materials before time so that you can use them without any hassle. Therefore, it can affect the construction time. However, if it is cement or anything as such, then you will have to be really keen on the storage because a sudden weather change to rain will ruin everything.


There is always a need for sustainable development which is the continuous work that will get you to your final project. Therefore, sustainable development needs to increase which is because of the demand to reduce carbon emissions. Therefore, you should always have a good plan of having sustainable development because if this is not met, then you can be in trouble. Some materials are there that lead toward sustainability such as fly ash, silica fume, and ground granulated black furnace slag.


This is also another important aspect that you need to take care of. The materials that you choose should be recyclable. This has been given much emphasis because of the highly alarming conditions of climatic conditions as well as the environment. Therefore, you need to get materials that are easily recyclable. Construction plays a bigger part in the environment as well because sometimes, things need to be broken down as well. Hence, there are some moves made such as designers and developers going for bolted steel connections rather than weld connection steels. Hence, you should also find ways to gather recyclable materials instead.



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