Womenza Pakistan 2022

Womenza Pakistan 2022 by DreamsNex

Womenza Pakistan 2022 in Karachi. On Saturday, December 9, our CEO of DreamsNex, Sir Saifullah, was invited as the chief guest of the Womenza Pakistan Seminar, which is a leading community of 43,00 female entrepreneurs. This group helps women grow their businesses and learn new skills. Their goal is to provide women with the means to support themselves. Promoting women’s rights and giving women more power have become major global movements that have been breaking new ground for a number of years.

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At this seminar, Sir Saifullah, the CEO of DreamsNex, was given the honor to share his  thoughts about empowering women. He said that historically, women were not encouraged to pursue careers in the real estate industry. Women have a lot to offer the world, but society often looks down on them, so their talents go unnoticed. However, now is the moment to bring about change and break stereotypes in the real estate market, where women are treated differently. Despite this, Sir Saifullah has a different perspective on the issue, and he revealed that not only do women work at DreamsNex, but they also occupy prestigious positions. As a result of his willingness to consider different perspectives, he has broken through this obstacle. His purpose of being a part of this conference is to encourage women to enter the real estate profession by providing them with many opportunities to do so.

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