Day and Night Safari at Bahria Town Karachi

Danzoo Park Bahria Town Karachi

Live up to the moment and experience nature by visiting the majestic Danzoo Park 

Danzoo Park Bahria Town Karachi: You can now have the best experience living in Bahria Town Karachi because of the facilities that it offers. Hence, if you are looking to go out for fresh air and see some nature and discover things then Danzoo Park is available right on your track. Hence, you can now experience the best adventurous experience by heading to Danzoo Park in Bahria Town Karachi. It has a secure environment which is adaptive for kids because it is also enclosed. Moreover, the park has much more than just greenery to work around with. You will be able to see animals as well such as the giraffes, zebra, llamas, deers, exotic birds, tigers, and much more. You can visit the entire park with ease and get in touch with your favorite animals and take some pictures as well.


The Danzoo Park is a prime location to visit during the day as well as the night. The safari is available at all times from 11 am all the way to 10 pm. Moreover, to grant visitors an amazing experience, there is a free buggy ride for all ages. Hence, you can enjoy this ride throughout the whole park looking at the mesmerizing features of the park as well as the animals and their habitats. Moreover, if you are looking for a fancier approach then you can go for the boat ride which is also available. It costs rupees 250 per person and it will give you a view of the entire zoo including the golf cart. Therefore, the park offers more than just one activity to play around with.


Tag along with other activities in the Danzoo park 


The Danzoo also features other things for when you get tired roaming around such as spacious sitting areas for families and friends as well as fast food restaurants to have a meal while walking and enjoying around. There are going to be stalls as well that you can use to gain back the energy to go on another adventure. The park also offers a gold court where you can have fun and play golf. Moreover, apart from having some comfortable features, the park also has numerous monuments and statues that you can see. You will not need to worry during the nighttime because the park shines brightly because of all the lights placed in every corner.


Hence, having a bright and alluring environment, you will love to visit the park. There is an aquarium too for which you can see the marine life. The pool and lake will include some fishes as well that you will be able to spot. The river will include trees side by side with alluring flowers and nature giving environment hence, creating relaxation. Hence, you can come here with your family and friends or even alone to enjoy a pleasant vibe and setting. All of these things will surely create a lovely environment for you and you will be pleased by it.

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