Top 5 Precinct Bahria Town Karachi

Top 5 Precinct Bahria Town Karachi


Quaid Villa

Top 5 Precinct Bahria Town Karachi: It has fully developed and is now home to hundreds of families, many of whom are well-known for leading opulent lives. These are located just a short stroll from the 400-foot-wide Jinnah Avenue, close to both Trafalgar Square and the entrance of Bahria Town, Karachi. There is no better option than dwelling here, but the low cost of these villas is only offered for a short time. Best family residence precinct in bahria town karachi.

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Bahria Apartments

Top 5 Precinct Bahria Town Karachi: The Bahria Apartments are the first among many. The 19th division of BTK has these residences. The fact that there are several flats available on Jinnah Avenue is one of the many advantages. To accommodate low-income families, these flats have been built on 950 square feet, 2250 square feet, and 2950 square feet of space, with 2, 3 bedrooms, and 4 bedrooms, respectively. These apartments begin at 3.8 million.

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Sports City Villas

In the 350 square yards of Sports City Villa, you might easily purchase a lavish home for yourself. A medium-sized to large family will be accommodated by the design of the home. There will be four-bedroom homes. The home’s four bedrooms are ideal for a family. You may choose from a variety of traits and optional amenities, like a corner home and more. The homes are made to meet the modern needs of a family moving to an upscale city. Such homes are large and built to contemporary standards.

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Precinct 10A & 11A

Bahria Homes’ 200 villas in precincts 10A and 11A are available for purchase. In Precinct 10A, villas have been built and possession issued. The Precinct 11A residences are nearing completion. The three-bedroom houses range in price from 105 to 118 lakhs. It’s an excellent time for investors to buy Bahria City Precinct 11a villas for a simple monthly income.

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