malik riaz life history

Malik Riaz Life History

Malik Riaz Life History

Malik Riaz Hussain started and runs Bahria Town Group. He is thought to be one of the richest people in Pakistan. However, are you aware of how a mediocre clerk grew to become Pakistan’s most powerful businessman? In this biography, there will be a lot of information about how the hero grew up and what he did after that.

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Malik Riaz Family History

Mr. Malik Riaz is married to a lady called Beena Riaz (sometimes written Bina); she is his second marriage. His first wife passed away before he became wealthy. His son, Ali Riaz Malik, is his son, while his daughters, Amber Shehzad Malik, Aasia Amer Malik, and Pashmina Zain Malik, are his daughters. His grandkids are Zoraiz Malik (his grandson) and Maryam Hamza Malik (his granddaughter). Ali Riaz Malik, born in 1978, is the current CEO of Bahria Town Group and works closely with his father on all of their endeavors. Amber Shehzad, his daughter, is the head of Bahria Town’s donation program.


Malik Riaz Early Life

Malik Riaz entered this world on February 8, 1954, in Islamabad, the federal capital. He was born into a wealthy family in Sialkot; his father had been a successful contractor. However, the family’s fortunes quickly deteriorated as the company suffered severe losses.

In order to cope with his new circumstances, Malik Riaz began working for the Military Engineering Service as a clerk when he was quite young and had barely completed matriculation. He spoke about his daughter’s illness and how he had to sell kitchenware to pay for her medical care. For extra cash, he took on a variety of odd tasks, such as paving roads and painting homes.


Bahria  Town Karachi Starting Plan

Even though Malik Riaz Hussain only had a matriculation certificate, he was smart and used that to help his family get ahead financially. BBC Urdu says that things started to change in the 1990s, when, after many governments fell, he got the military on his side as a business partner.

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He collaborated in real estate ventures with other members and distributed the proceeds equally. Hussain Global was founded by him, and in 1996 it signed a deal to create Bahria Town with Bahria Foundation, which is led by the chief of the naval staff.




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