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DreamsNex is the finest way to describe the best construction firm in Bahria Town, Karachi. All of our projects take place in beautiful places and are meant to help you achieve your highest goals. We use cutting-edge construction techniques. DreamsNex is committed to everlasting development in terms of both design and quality, and it aspires to be the most informed and competent company.

DreamsNex is working on six projects, and one of its most outstanding projects is “DX Heights”, which is located at a very prime location in the heart of Bahria Town, Karachi. DreamsNex stands apart from the rest because of the innovative ways in which it uses cutting-edge technology. Every single person on the crew is completely committed to the mission of the firm, which is to provide building services of the best possible quality while adhering to the strictest possible moral and ethical guidelines


DX Heights Prime Location

Dx Heights is located in Bahria Town Karachi at Precinct 11-A Entrance Plot # 9 Corner. This unique precinct is in a superb place if you approach it from the main gate. The surrounding area is built, occupied, and evolving with time. DreamsNex is renowned for the exceptional facilities and services it provides. The green spaces are taken into account, and the precinct is surrounded by parks and places for kids to play. Not only will it provide visitors with a lovely view, but it will also make the neighborhood a desirable place to live.


Facilities at DX Heights

The interior of DX Heights is comfortable and has a lot of space. It has two to three bedrooms. In addition to retail outlets located on the ground level and on the bottom level, there is going to be retail space.Here is a list of some of the amazing benefits that people can avail of at DX Heights:


  • Large apartment with two and three bedrooms
  • Security & Maintenance at Door
  • Parking lots on each individual street block
  • Beautiful green areas for leisure
  • Having good ventilation and being spotless
  • the most efficient utilisation of available natural light


There won’t be any interruptions to the power supply. Luxurious and roomy elevators will be installed, and the building will be protected by rigorous security measures and on-call service staff. The strategy, the infrastructure, and the conveniences of this endeavour are all exceptionally designed.


DX Heights Payment Plan

The exceptional quality of DreamsNex’s construction materials and the accompanying services they provide have helped the company achieve a remarkable reputation among industry experts. In addition to this, we are well-known for offering our clients with the most dependable and user-friendly payment plan that is even remotely conceivable.Moreover we are offering 6% annual rental income on lumsum payment of showroom and Apartments.

*We are Offering 6% Annual Rental Income on lumsum Payment of Showroom and Apartments.


We offer a unique and distinctive down payment plan that is customized for each inventory based on the area that is offered. Our customers will have access to many different options from which they can choose the best solution for them. This is a list of the Dx Heights Inventory, which includes:

  • Shop 1: 675 Sq feet- PKR 9,281,250
  • Shop 2: 475 Sq feet- PKR 6,531,250
  • Shop 3 :730 Sq feet-PKR 10,037,500


Down Payment for 2 bedrooms

  • 1067 Sq feet-PKR 2,907,575


Down Payment for 3 bedrooms

  • 1530 Sq feet- PKR 4,169,250

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