Bahria Slaughter House


Religious morals and celebrations are always taken very seriously in Pakistan, especially the 2 Eids. Everyone is interested in Qurbani and tons of them do it with immense pride. Therefore, to make everything more subtle and also organized, Bahria Town Karachi is introducing slaughterhouses. This is where the residents of Bahria Town Karachi can have a hygienic, stress-free, and hassle-free Qurbani with peace in a strategic manner. Therefore, all of the central cattle are supposed to be slaughtered in this specific area to avoid any mess within the gated community. There is a wide space that has been accommodated and it allows all of the residents to work here when it comes to Qurbani.

Therefore, other facilities have also been provided here such as water, cleaning, shelter, fodder as well as security. Hence, the area is built beautifully which serves the purpose of a peaceful and perfect Qurbani. The staff that will be available in this area are highly skilled professionals. Hence, they know how to treat animals and how to carry out the Qurbani in a halal way through a friendly approach. Hence. You will find butchers in this area as well.

The reason for constructing slaughterhouses and their location

Now residents living in Bahria Town Karachi can enjoy their Eid-ul-Adha without having the struggle to clean and set up their own space within their home or in some other open ground. Bahria Town Karachi is always looking for ways to bring advancements into a bright light. Hence, cleanliness is always the main key that we should take care of. Therefore, to fulfill this aim, these slaughterhouses are going to be the best innovation. The areas where slaughterhouses are located is in precinct 1 and 10. Both of these precincts carry 2 slaughterhouses which can hold up to a capacity of about 2500 animals.