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Bahria Adventure Land- A World of Fantasy

Bahria Adventure Land is Pakistan’s first international-standard theme park, which is located in Bahria Town Karachi. The park has rides, playgrounds, restaurants, and a wide variety of other activities aimed at families. According to the company’s website, the Bahria Adventure Land Theme Park in Karachi has a wide variety of amusement options for both kids and adults thanks to a collaboration with Italian manufacturers.
The rides have been built to international standards to make sure that riders have a fun and safe time. They have to pay a lot for maintenance, energy, and other costs, and this is reflected in the price of tickets.

An Overview of Bahria Adventure Land

Bahria Adventure Land’s many rides, which range from mild to intense in terms of excitement, are sure to delight visitors of all ages. Bahria Adventure Land has several interesting attractions, such as the exhilarating roller coaster Rail Blazers, the thrilling Power Drop, and the exciting Pirates of Adventure. Some of the most well-known rides in Bahria Town are The Claw, Cyclone Aladdin, Shark Attack, and Sinbad.

One thing to keep in mind is that, for the safety of all guests, several rides have minimum height requirements. Cyclone, on the other hand, requires riders to be at least 4’5″ tall and no more than 6’5″ tall, while Power Drop’s height requirement is 4’2″ to 6’3″. With a height restriction of just 4’2″ to 4’5″, Shark Attack is a great ride for younger riders and even some taller tweens and teens.

All the family may enjoy the unique attractions and cuisine at Bahria Adventure Land, including mind-blowing roller coasters, a funky Surfer’s Place, a thrilling Ferris wheel, stunning rides, a hip-hop carousel, and twisted train rides. The huge Dino Park at Bahria Adventure Land seems to have been a favorite’s place for young visitors, along with the park’s many swings, water attractions, marching band, and cute mascots.

The park’s main entrance, meanwhile, looks like the gateway of a magnificent castle. The ticket booth is conveniently located adjacent to an ATM for the guests’ convenience. You can relax at any of the many benches spread out over Bahria Town and Karachi Adventure Land, including the one near Kohkaaf Station. Additionally, there is a small eatery there.

Food Court

In addition, KFC and McDonald’s restaurants are conveniently located nearby for those who want to take a break and have a quick meal. Burger King, Crispy for You, Aqua Bar, and the Palladium Food Court are just a few of the numerous places to dine at these theme parks.

Location: Bahria Adventure Land
Bahria Adventure Land is located on Main Jinnah Road in Bahria Town, Karachi. Just few km’s away from Main Gate.

Bahria Adventure Land Ticket Prices
Adults: PKR 3,000 (including all rides)
Children: PKR 2,000 (including all rides)
Bahria Adventure Land Contact Information
You can also call Bahria Town for further information and queries. Their toll-free number is 888-001-0100.