Bahria Town Karachi Iqra University

Bahria Iqra University – A new driven path for advanced educational aims

Bahria Town has developed into one of the best places to live. However, there are other elements to consider as well and it all lies in education. It is not just about having a lavish lifestyle but it is also important to gain the best sense of education as well. It is the only thing that can take you to places which is why the Bahria International University has been established by Malik Riaz in Bahria Town. Plenty of formers and creative minds will always develop Pakistan into one of the best states improving all of the different sectors. The economic status of Pakistan needs a boost as well which is why the youth needs to step up and advance. For that, the youth will need special education which strengthens their minds and this is what Malik Riaz has done.

The Chairman of Bahria Town Malik Riaz brings in tons of advancements that develop the future of Pakistan in numerous ways. By already providing a safe, smart, and luxurious living, he aims to move forward in creating advancements in the education sector. He strongly believes that everyone in the country needs to have an education whether it is the rich or poor. The opportunity should remain for everyone to obtain education and enhance their knowledge to provide for the well-being of the country. Therefore, quality education is necessary to make simple and steady growth in all aspects.

The faculty team of the Bahria Iqra University

It is not only important to have schools, colleges, and universities in fully developed areas but, also should be available in all parts of Pakistan. Hence, Malik Riaz has settled the Bahria International University in Bahria Town for all of the citizens within that community. That is because it gives special and high-standard education but also because it is closer to everyone living in Bahria Town. Therefore, instead of sending children to universities that are far away, you can easily select the Bahria International University. Parents will not have to worry about the travel time and it will also ace your child’s grades as every aspect is taught there. It is one of a kind with tons of students already enrolled and receiving the best sort of education for their future work life ahead.

The Bahria International University has the best concepts and gives out amazing facilities which bring the students to work harder. Hence, having all the facilities at hand, everything is possible as it ensures to give students the elements they need to strive for success. Moreover, the faculty team of Bahria International University is one of the greatest. It encompasses highly qualified teachers which makes the best of the University in giving out pure knowledge and skills. Hence, there are tons of other elements that are available in this university because of its variation. You can easily study any of your favorite subjects as it offers all of them at once.

The donations to rural areas for educational purposes 

Riaz Malik has provided numerous top-notch facilities to Bahria Town itself. However, he is also contributing to other numerous areas that do not have the facilities. Hence, he has free educational plans which are provided to rural areas. All of these people hope to have a bright and useful future for their living. Hence, there are steps taken that enable everyone to study and make a bright future. Free of cost education has been offered to almost 400 orphans. These included the lodging facilities as well. There are a ton of different schools and institutes which have been built and accommodated in different cities.

To achieve secondary education, there are colleges set in different cities as well which provide basic level education as well as specialized education. The villages now have different forms of education to give different means. Hence, more than 7000 students are granted scholarships as well each year. This is done by looking at the different skillful minds and capabilities. Moreover, there are also microfinance loans as well which are distributed to different areas and students of Rawalpindi Agricultural University. There are other loans of millions of rupees that are being provided to government educational institutes. This further develops the learning process and creates advancements in education.

The global objective of reaching the educational aims 

It is essential to reach the global objective of education because of the rising advancing technology. This has given the competition a great rise and it grants tough strategical competition as well. Therefore, there are numerous elements being placed in different areas to level up the educational levels so that it can be beneficial for the well-being of the country. The Bahria International University has also helped reach a global scale of reliable education that has sourced thousands of students for the better.