BahriaTownKarachi-Precinct 10A

Preconct 10-A 200Sqy. Villas in Bahria Town Karachi

Precinct 10A is one of the best areas to choose as a living environment. There is nothing better than having all the facilities nearby so that you enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Precinct 10A is an alive area with a good population. Hence, nor does it light up well during the day and especially at the night but, it also holds different facilities and outing sources for families and friends. If you are looking for a good day to spend outdoors then the nearby shopping malls, as well as restaurants, will offer you an amazing trip.

You will also come to find public transport around and about the area as well as schools for the best source of educational attainment. This area is safe and secure as well because it is provided with security staff. This enables a safe environment for families as well as children because they will be able to play around freely enjoying the weather and the greenery nearby.