Invest in DX Homes-An Affordable Residential Projects

Invest in DX Homes-An Affordable Residential Projects

“Invest in DX Homes-An Affordable Residential Projects”

DreamsNex is a construction company in Bahria Town Karachi that is known for its creativity and new ideas. DreamsNex uses its experience as a general contractor and its design/build skills to meet the needs of each project. DreamsNex stands apart from the rest because of the innovative ways in which it uses cutting-edge technology. Every single person on the crew is completely committed to the mission of the firm, which is to provide services of the best possible quality while adhering to the strictest possible moral and ethical guidelines. Our team handles projects of all sizes and types for a wide range of owners, developers, and end users.

DreamsNex is the fastest construction company, working on multiple projects as well as villa construction. We are building on more than 40 plots of different sizes in different areas and of different sizes from 125sq yards to 500sq yards. Many customized villas have been delivered on time to clients, meeting their needs and wants. DreamsNex builds long-term relationships with its clients so that it can help them get good construction and a modern way of life.

DreamNex’s services extend well beyond traditional business models. DreamsNex is working on six projects, which are located in very prime locations in the heart of Bahria Town, Karachi.

Our residential projects

  • Dx Smart Apartments
  • Dx Smart Residency
  • Dx Heights
  • Dx Green Villas

Dx Heights

Dx Heights is located in Bahria Town Karachi Precinct 11-A Entrance Plot #9 Corner. This precinct is unique, making it a fantastic location to be in if you enter the complex from the main gate. The area is developed and populated around it and is changing over time. DreamsNex is known for the high quality of the facilities and services it offers.

DX Luxury Apartments

The DX Luxury Apartments are located in the heart of Bahria Town Karachi and have a stunning view of the Grand Jamia Masjid. It offers a luxurious place to relax in an environment with wonderful views. It is situated on Midway Commercial 2, which is the ideal location.

Dx Smart Residency

Dx Smart Residency is located on Liberty Commercial 3 in Bahria Town Karachi with stunning views of the Grand Jamia Masjid and Bahria Heights nearby. It offers a luxury place to relax and enjoy your lifestyle in an environment with wonderful views.

Dx Smart Apartments

DreamsNex has made and designed Pakistan’s most luxurious and peaceful apartments with all of your comfort zones and desires in mind. Our apartments are made to meet your highest standards and offer a great value and a location that can’t be beat. This project is adjacent to Ali Square, one of the most populated and developed areas of Bahria Town Karachi

Dx Green Villas

Dx Green Villas is one of the best options if you are on the hunt for low-cost villas in Bahria Town Karachi There is nothing better than getting a four-bedroom luxury villa at an affordable price. Hence, you can construct your villa on a 75-square-yard plot with an elevation of ground + 2 stories above ground.

Payment Plans- Invest with us now

The exceptional quality of DreamsNex’s construction materials and the accompanying services they provide have helped the company achieve a remarkable reputation among industry experts. Also, we are known for giving our customers the most reliable and easy-to-understand payment plan that is even remotely possible. Moreover, we are offering 5% annual rental income on our residential projects. We offer a unique and distinctive down payment plan that is customized for each inventory based on the areas that are offered.

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