2-3 bedroom villas for sale in BTK Salaam Estate

2-3 bedrooms Apartment For Sale in Bahria Town Karachi 2023

The best areas for 2-3 bedroom villas for sale in Bahria Town Karachi

2-3 bedrooms Apartment For Sale in Bahria Town Karachi 2023 : Bahria Town Karachi has been developing into the best kind of place for people to construct their ideal homes and live in a fantasy area. Hence, out of all the different modes of construction which are going on in Bahira Town Karachi, you will find some of the best 2 and 3-bedroom villas. These are the most popular options that families choose because of their uniqueness and also their flexibility. Hence, you will be able to encompass numerous different 2 and 3-bedroom villas in Bahira Town Karachi. All of these will be different and unique while having some or other special features to create a different look. Therefore, if you are looking for the best kind of 2 and 3-bedroom villas in Bahira Town Karachi, then keep on reading to find out the best places for it.  

3 Bedroom Villas For Sale in Precinct 11B 

You will be able to find some miraculous villas in 11B which covers a good area. There are 152 built villas with 3 bedrooms and there are plenty of these villas that you will be able to see. There is amazing and fast development within this area as well which is why you will be able to see some amazing villas built here already standing tall. The surrounding is something that everyone aims to consider and 11B has great surrounding as well. You will be able to get all the facilities within precincts 10A and 11A which are nearby. Hence, they have a supermarket as well as other things which you can easily walk to. Moreover, 11B is also a live area because tons of families have settled here because of the fine surrounding and easy availability of infrastructure.

Another famous area is situated in Ali block or Precinct 12A. The range of these villas will be from 1 crore 44 lakhs up to 1 crore 60 lakhs. This price point is idealistic because of the different market changes and trends. There is a ton of fluctuation that goes on which is why the prices during this time are the best to get. It is also the best time to get a villa for investment purposes.

 2 and 3-bedroom Apartment For Sale in Precinct 19

Precinct 19 also has 2 and 3-bedroom accommodations. The unique thing about precinct 19 is that there are 26 towers located here altogether. This creates one of the best surrounding places in Bahira Town Karachi. These towers stand tall altogether and all of them have been given possession apart from the last 2 towers, towers 26 and 25. You will be able to get 4 bedroom apartments as well here. If you are looking for 3 bedroom accommodation, then towers 4 and 6 are the best. These 2 towers are situated for 3 bedroom accommodation.


The area surrounding precinct 19 is one of a kind. It is located near the main gate as well as near Main Jinnah. Moreover, you will also be able to find a masjid nearby too with a shopping gallery, hospital, fuel pump as well as a market. There are different price points for these bedrooms. The 2 bedroom apartment will cost from 87 or 88 lakhs to 1 crore. The 3 bedroom apartments will start at 1 crore and it can move up to 2 crores. All of this is done by looking at the location, the nearby facilities as well as the viewpoint of the apartment.

3 Bedroom Villas For Sale in Ali Block

Ali block consists of 3 bedroom villas and they are 125 square yards. These villas are made majestically and you will surely love the structure of these villas. The elevation of all of these villas is the same as per the requirements of Bahira Town Karachi. You will find all of the villas have the same kind of design which will make the area seem more unique as well. Hence, when you enter, you will be greeted with a front car porch and the use of tiles is master tiles which is the highest set of tiles. There is also a small narrow pathway left at the sides of the home and you will also find an underwater tank beneath the tiles.

There are 2 different doors when you move towards the entrance one is which crosses to the drawing room for guests and one is the main entrance. When you move in, you will see a powder room on your right with the stairs leaving you to the upper floor and then a kitchen. On your left, you will have the drawing room and living room attached. You can separate it using sliding doors. There is also a window given in the drawing room to make it more spacious. Then you will find the first bedroom of the villa in front. The kitchen has a door which leaves at the back and it is the washing area.


Moving upstairs, you will find an open area as living space, and 2 more bedrooms with a small kitchen. You will also find a terrace area which is built majestically. It opens for great ventilation. Each bedroom within the villas has an attached batch and cupboards as well. Finally, there is a spiral staircase that leads you to the rooftop of the home.


If you are looking for an A-plus quality villa, then it will cost you around 1 crore to 1. 5 crores. The tiles used for villas as such as high quality such as Master tiles. The stairs are made of granite instead of marble because they are more long-lasting. Steel and aluminum are also used the best and in the right width for the windows. Moreover, you can choose to design the ceilings of your home on your own. There are plenty of designs and you can choose from any one as well as for the color paint of your villa.  

 3-bedroom villas in Precinct 2 

You will mostly be able to find 3-bedroom villas in precinct 2 and the names given to these are Quaid and Iqbal villas. These are famous villas because they are situated in an ideal location and also because of their overall structure. Together, they are known as Precinct blue villas and they are 200s square yards. The Iqbal villas are 152 square yards and they mostly have accommodation of 3 bedrooms. You will be able to purchase a villa as such for a price of 2 crores. The Quaid villas can reach up to 3 crores.

10A villas are also nearby and they are 200 square yards and accommodate 3 bedrooms. They are the same as the 11A villas and the price ranges from 1.9 crores to 2.15 crore.

Precinct 27 has 3-bedroom villas and you will be able to see these villas on the front and back sides of the villas. The price range for these is between 1.65 crore to 1.80 crores.

Lastly, precinct 31 has ready-made 3-bedroom villas which cost between 1.50 crore to 1.70 crores.

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