Theme park commercial and Heritage club

Theme park commercial and Heritage club

Theme park commercial and Heritage club- best investment opportunity

Bahria Town Karachi is filled with different communities which serve the needs of the people. It is a must to have the ultimate guide and source of information and this is what we provide as well. Salaam Estate and Builders have been on track to give customers information on all societies and also other kinds of investment opportunities for customers. Construction and buying homes are on the high end during this phase because of the inflation however, the prices are still minimum which will give you the best kind of rise. Hence, we advise customers with the right kind of option for them regarding commercials in Bahria Town Karachi.


The introduction of a new commercial 

As the development continues, there is a new formation of commercials. This is a new area that you will be able to spot next to Precinct 19. It is near Main Jinnah which is also why you will be getting an alive area very soon. The area has been going through great development in the residential and commercial sectors as well. Hence, the mega mart, Imtiaz Mega shopping mart is in the making. This is one of the biggest shopping galleries within this commercial. The area does not only have commercial plots but also residential plots.


This makes an ideal setting for citizens because people look for places where all of their facilities are also being fulfilled. The residential plots have a size of 2000 yards of plots. Moreover, there are tons of other mega projects that you will be able to find. The area is being lifted by giving rise to higher and commercial projects so that it can be a balanced area of residency as well as commercial business areas. The major mega projects which are going to be held here will be getting their possession within 2 or 3 months and the construction journey will start.

The benefits of investment of businesses in this area 

Every business wants to succeed and it is the fancier way of getting more exposure for your business when you start it in a better and more prime location. Therefore, the Heritage or Theme Park commercial is the best place where you can stand by with your business because it will get the attraction and also the exposure that you are looking for. This place has a higher demand rate which is why it is the best for investment opportunities. There are shops which are ready to move and you can also book the shops as per your liking.


Hence, no matter what your business is off, clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc, you will be able to set it in the best place while making your brand more visible to the public. It will be a fruitful investment for your business here.


The budget for setting up your business 

Most customers have an issue when it comes to the budget. Due to this commercial area being high in demand and fulfilling every aspect, there is a misconception that booking of gaining a shop for your business will be difficult but that is not the case. You will be able to get a shop easily within 25 to 30 lakhs. Some people say that the rates go up to 1 crore but that is not the truth. The maximum distance of this area to the main gate is covered within 2 kilometers.


There has been a ton of construction seen in this area and this is why you are getting a great investment opportunity. The area will flourish more and it will also secure the deal much brighter because there will be more population and it will turn into an amazing area in Bahria Town Karachi. It is also to take notice that the prices of the residential and commercial plots will differ and they will increase in the future. Hence, this is the best time you get your plot right away.


Comparing the prices with the people who got their hands on plots before, the rates were 10 to 15 thousand per square foot. Now, you will be getting it with the minimum starting price of 25 thousand per square foot. Hence, Bahria Town Karachi is a way of living that increases the mode of living as well as helps to build more reputation for your businesses.



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