Dx Sindh Culture Day

Dx Sindh Culture Day – Family Festival

Dx Sindh Culture Day

The Creators Network with the successful history to promote sports and culture activities within Pakistan proud to announce 3 days DX Sindh Culture Day Family Festival in collaboration with Pakistan Rangers Sindh on 2nd, 3rd and 4th December 2022.

As we know that the people of Sindh celebrates their cultural day in the month of December. The people of Sindh celebrates Sindh cultural day every year and it became very usual there. Therefore, the group of DreamsNex Builders and TCN are organizing an event of Sindh Cultural Day on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day of December “Dx Sindh Culture Day“. You can join this event and enjoy with your family as it is the family-friendly event. Furthermore, they are organizing this event in the β€œMaritime Museum” so you need to come to the museum if you want to join this want. You can join with your family to make your weekend happy and enjoyable.

How the Sindh Cultural Day Started?

The original name of the Sindh cultural day is the β€œTopi Day”. In December 2009, the people of Sindh celebrate this cultural day for the first time. They celebrate the Sindh Cultural Day wearing Sindhi caps in their province to represent their culture. Furthermore, it was a large number of people wearing Sindhi caps and Ajraks. They went to rally which they did start from Karachi Press Club that is near to the Sindh Assembly Building. After that day, people of Sindh celebrate this cultural day every year in the month of December.

How Men Dress up on this Day?

The men of Sindh usually wear the traditional dress of Pakistan i.e. Kurta Shalwar. They do not wear Pant Shirts or T-shirts usually because it does not satisfy them. And if we talk about the dressing of Sindh Cultural Day, they commonly wear black Kurta Shalwar. Furthermore, they usually wear the cotton material clothes due to the weather of Sindh. But this clothing is not enough to celebrate their cultural day, so they wear the Sindhi Cap as well. The Sindhi cap is commonly in the red color and sometimes they are in blue colors too. Therefore, this cap is the main thing in their dressing for the Sindh Cultural Day because it represents their culture in a very charming and unique way.

How Women of Sindh Dress up?

If we talk about the women of Sindh, they also wear Kurta Shalwar usually in the Sindh. The makers of these clothes use Ajrak print to make these dresses for Sindhi Women. The women of Sindh also wear the traditional dresses such as Cholo, Sindhi Julaba and Chareno. All of these dresses are completely different to each other but they have some similar characteristics. In this modern time, the women of Sindh wear the Sindhi Kurti with a sherwani that has a V-Neck collar. Therefore, the women of Sindh wear these different styles of dresses on their Sindh Cultural Day to look more attractive.

How their Kids Dress up?

The children of Sindh play the most important role in making the Sindh Cultural Day successful. Furthermore, the children of Sindh dressed up same as their elders dressed up. And if we talk about young girls of Sindh, they made clothes that are made with Ajrak prints. It makes them look more charming and cute on this Day.


Event Venue: Pakistan Maritime Museum, Karachi.

Event Date: 2nd, 3rd and 4th December 2022.

Event Timings: 3:00p.m to 10:00p.m

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