Why Bahria Town Karachi is Best for Family Residents?

History of Bahria Town Karachi

In 2014, Bahria Town Karachi was launched with world-class features and high standards. It is a private gated community built near Karachi, Pakistan. The Bahria Town Group is developing this large community which spans less than 46,000 acres (72 square miles; 19,000 hectares) and is immediately off the M-9 Motorway northeast of Karachi. Bahria Town Karachi doesn’t just build houses; it also makes master-planned communities with economic benefits where thousands of families can enjoy their whole life. It is a world of luxury and elegance that provides a secure and exclusive community with spectacular vistas. More than a thousand families have already joined this wonderful community, and more are joining us every day. Bahria Town Karachi is growing rapidly with tremendous speed. Bahria Town Karachi consists of more than 60 precincts and every other day, the precincts are being completed. Bahria Town Karachi consists of more than 60 precincts. By creating a master-planned residential project, Bahria Town hopes to become the best option for individuals who wish to live in a pleasant and peaceful environment while enjoying the conveniences of contemporary life.

Bahria Town Karachi Residential Sites

Bahria Town Karachi offers various residential options for families belonging to all classes of society. Let’s begin with the residential sites that it offers:

Bahria Apartments

The Bahria Town Karachi Apartments are Pakistan’s most luxury apartments. Bahria Apartments are situated in Precinct 19, roughly 2.5 kilometers from Bahria Town Karachi’s main entrance. The three kinds of Bahria apartments are 2-Bedroom apartments, 3-Bedroom apartments, and 4-Bedroom flats. Bahria town Listings is updated regularly with fresh Bahria Town Karachi apartment listings for rent and sale.

2 Bedroom (950 Square Feet):

Balloted: PKR 85.00 to 100.00 Lacs Full Paid

3 Bedroom (2250 Square Feet):

Balloted: PKR 200.00 to 225.00 Lacs Full Paid

4 Bedroom (2950 Square Feet):

Balloted: PKR 250.00 to 275.00 Lacs Full Paid


Spaces for parking
Services for Reception
Protective measures and routine upkeep
A park on every block.

Bahria Homes

Bahria Homes at Bahria town Karachi is a beautiful addition to the environment. Beautiful 125 Sq Yards (5 Marla) and 200 Sq Yards (8 Marla) houses are built with the best materials available, including imported fittings and imported ceramics, to create a home that is both pleasant and functional.

Subdivisions in Bahria homes

125 Square Yards:

Precinct 2 (Iqbal Villa): PKR 200.00 to 215.00 Lacs (Full Paid)
Precinct 11A: PKR 180.00 to 190.00 Lacs Full Paid
Precinct 11B: PKR 165.00 to 175.00 Lacs Full Paid
Precinct 23A: PKR 60.00 to 65.00 Lacs Full Paid

200 Square Yards:

Precinct 2 (Quaid Villa): PKR 250.00 to 325.00 Lacs (Full Paid)
Precinct 10: PKR 210.00 to 225.00 Lacs Full Paid
Precinct 11: PKR 210.00 to 225.00 Lacs Full Paid
Precinct 23A PKR 70.00 to 75.00 Lacs Full Paid
Precinct 27: PKR 185.00 to 225.00 Lacs Full Paid

Bahria Heights

Bookings have begun for Bahria Heights Karachi, the most luxury residences in Pakistan. Bahria Heights offers 2-bedroom premium flats (1100 sq ft.). Two-bedroom luxury flats are great for families. It features a gym, spa, restaurants, mini-golf, and more. Finishing is underway on 80% of the building. You choose your apartment’s floor. The 3-year payment plan, 2-year possession, and first-come, first-served reservations.

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