Precinct 19 4 bedroom Apartments in Bahria Town Karachi

DreamsNex is the fast-growing construction compant initiated by Salaam Estates & Builders. It has a variety of appealing features and is completely highly reliable. All of our projects are designed to make your dreams come true, and they take place in some of the most beautiful places in Bahria Town Karachi. DreamNex is more than simply an investment and sales company. Bahria Town Karachi features a wide selection of plots and commercial property, as well as consultancy and management services, as well as residential property. As a result of our agents’ and professionals’ relentless drive to improve themselves and the quality of building in Bahria Town Karachi, the DreamsNex development firm has risen to prominence. Our team of highly skilled agents and professionals has helped the DreamsNex construction company grow because they are always trying to get better and make construction in Bahria Town Karachi better. DreamsNex also has offices in Bahria Town Karachi that you can use to expand your business.

Precinct 19 is located on Main Jinnah Avenue, and near to Main gate of Bahria Town Karachi. Precinct 19 comprises of apartments that consist of mult-storey building. Each of the apartments has anything from two to four bedrooms at your disposal. The price of an apartment with two bedrooms may vary anywhere from 78 lakh to 1 million, while the price of an apartment with three bedrooms can range anywhere from 1 million to 2 crores 40 lakh. There is a possibility that apartments that have four bedrooms will have price tags that range anywhere from 2 crore 80 lakh to 3 crore 30 lakh at the very most. This precinct is home to a mosque that was built in the neighbourhood, in addition to a retail gallery and a massive Imtiaz that can be found here.

During the process of creating these residences, our hopes and objectives have been taken into mind. There are not any interruptions in the flow of electricity. It is protected by stringent security measures as well as service professionals who are ready on call in the event of an emergency. This project features exceptional architecture in all facets, including the layout, the infrastructure, and the facilities that are included. In addition to that, it provides homeowners with plenty of space for parking. Precinct 19 is fully occupied.

One may get a view of the Grand Mosque from the main gate, which is just five to seven minutes away on foot when starting from the Midway. As a result of the exceptional care that is given to green areas, both sides are distinguished by their parks. Not only will this provide a breathtaking panorama for the project, but it will also make the neighbourhood a wonderful place to live in the middle of the city.

Convenience is of the utmost importance, those who live outside of the city can construct a life that is calm and pleasant. Bahria Town Karachi is an endeavour that radically alters the lives of residents of Karachi, and this fact is beginning to get recognition because it is beginning to get recognition because convenience is of the utmost importance. There is no question that more than thousands of inhabitants live there, and more people are investigating and relocating to Bahria, thus DreamsNex once again came up with the concept of releasing its top-class “Dx Heights” at the most spectacular position in Bahria Town. The following is a summary of some of the incredible amenities that DreamsNex is pleased to make available to its residents:

Spacious 2/3-bedroom apartment
Parking spaces for each each building
Maintenance and Protection at the Front Door
Beautiful green areas for leisure
Sanitary and with enough air circulation
making the most of the available natural light

The extraordinary quality of the building materials sold by DreamsNex as well as the complementary services that the business offers have contributed to the firm’s achievement of a wonderful reputation among those who work in the sector. In addition to this, we are renowned for providing our customers with a payment plan that is, to the greatest degree feasible, not only trustworthy but also user-friendly.

A residence with two bedrooms might have a monthly rental value somewhere between 28,500 and 25,500 rupees, depending on the market conditions. There is a range of 50,000 to 60,000 rupees for the rent that must be paid each month for an apartment that has three bedrooms. There are houses out there that are available to rent that have four bedrooms and cost at least 70,000 to 80,000 a month to do so. Stay tuned, and be sure to take advantage of the most convenient and uncomplicated payment plan that DreamsNex has developed just for its consumers. Make your reservation to stay with us right away, and don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions.

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