Golf City Bahria Town Karachi Latest Update

Golf City in Bahria Town Karachi Latest Update

The current development state of the Golf City in Bahria Town Karachi

Golf City in Bahria Town Karachi Latest Update: Bahria Town Karachi has some of the finest places and infrastructure for its citizens. These cause the best kind of luxury living and this is why Bahria Town Karachi has been on the top list. Therefore, it places harmony in the community so that there are no signs of hostility or any other kind of damage that is being seen. Bahria Town Karachi contributes to an elegant and luxurious living style that fulfills a ton of different desires granted by customers.


Numerous people already know about the different segments in Bahria Town Karachi and this places a better sight to the community. Moreover, you will be able to get to know about different communities when living here and one of those is the Golf city. The area covered by Golf city is precinct 20 and it contributes to a finer living especially by indulging in the sport of golf. Hence, it is a desirable community in Bahria Town Karachi and it also has the finest attractions which are not seen in any other areas.

The overview of Golf City

Golf city or Bahria Golf city has a world-class luxury development project which ensures to grant citizens with unique and different attitudes to living. The community is within precinct 20 and as per the name, it is an ideal living for those who love golf. This is a luxurious sport that has made a finer living space as well for those who have their lifestyle based around golf. It has endless green fairways and also, a grand golf course which has 27 holes for golf. The community is gated and it has security 24/7.

There are other elements that are situated as well such as walkways and other garden areas to give a much free lifestyle. Hence, the area has a great place for different activities and it grants premium access to the golf club as well. Therefore, the area of Golf city is highly prestigious and it has opened a ton of opportunities for investment and other elements too.

The development of plots in Golf City

There are different plots available in Golf city which you will be able to get easily. The area of each plot is different but the most common one is 500 square yards. A residential plot with an area as such will cost you around 1.83 crores. Villas as such will be facing the main golf course as well and there are different subsections in Golf city which makes specification easier. Hence, the villas and the plots which are kept on sale in Golf City have a great view of the different golf courses which ultimately, increases the prices of these villas and plots as well.

The villas and the golf courses especially the main Golf course which is situated here have international standards. It is highly attractive and it is the biggest as well which makes players more enthusiastic and also excited to get along with the different game areas. There are numerous residential plots that offer different areas. The highest area for a residential plot over here can be 4 kanal. The area is still more on the developing side and there are tons of other projects that are going to continue.

The special space which has been given to clients is one of a kind. These places are also highly appreciated within the community because they are special plots and they have the best view as well as facilities. The area is bright even during the night time because of the lights glowing in the golf courses as well as around. Hence, it has some amazing ongoing projects as well and the developing process of this area is still in the running. The concept of residential plots has been started and it will move up to a higher scale as well.

The current market position

There are tons of different market statuses that people will come across. However, you will be noticed by the supreme one which is Golf city in Bahria Town Karachi. The prices of the plots that you will be able to find are largely different and this is by looking at the area of the plot as well as the location. Therefore, all of these things and much more are looked upon such as the facilities to decide the right kind of price. The market will always increase in the future and this is why it is the best time to invest and also get your own luxurious home here.

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