Dx Smart Apartments


Quick Facts

2 Bed Apartments of 955sqft and 800sqft at Ali Square, Bahria Town Karachi

Ground + 8 Floors Total 24 Apartments and 4 Showrooms

PKR 9000/sqft


Dreamsnex is pleased to announce that it has completed all the required paperwork of DX Smart Apartments. We have a legacy for fulfilling all the requisite work and conditionality before presenting the project to customers. That is very true with this project also, we are now in a position to answer every query of our customers. From the project start to completion time, a road map for digging and construction, we have everything in black and white right now. Those who are interested to invest in this project are welcome to check all the legalities, paperwork, and approval from concerned authorities. We will warmly appreciate and welcome our customers for a site visit and witness the greenery as we have promised in this project.


Dx Luxury Apartments

Luxury Redefined by Dreamsnex- Again

The best location and perfect amenities in the apartments will upgrade your living standards that too with your desire. The design of our apartments will be unique so you will love it. We are only working to make the lifestyle of our people luxurious. One has to look at all the aspects before making any decision. In this regard, you can completely rely on DreamsNex. By aligning all of our qualities we suggest you the best outcome. In the luxurious apartments that we are about to launch, you will find that from interior to story and construction everything will be of top quality. Houses have become expensive and buying a house has become once in a lifetime opportunity, so it is important to make a wise decision. We will help you to consider all the security options as well as the value of the apartments in the future.

UBN Trade Tower

UBN Trade Tower is going to be an 15-floor high rise building. This building will only consist of corporate offices. The tower is located only 100 meters from the main gate of Bahria Karachi, overlooking the Jinnah Avenue. The distinctive quality of the UBN Trade Tower is not only the prime location but also the design and the elevation of the tower is one of a kind. It will be equipped with all the modern facilities, which will give an ultra-modern look to your corporate office in UBN Trade Tower.

New Project DreamsNex Luxury Apartments Site Visit

Bahria town Karachi is always working on improving the living standards of its inhabitants so they always have a new, one-of-a-kind project underway. As if the living standards there are not already very high the administration there keep on working days and nights to increase the prestige of the society so that more people are attracted to it and that the people living there are living their best lives, full of happiness and satisfaction as it is the main motto behind it, that is to always keep the customers as their main priority.

Dreamsnex is one of the construction companies that are working past shifts to continue the development in the area. The special project which is in the prelaunch stage is one of the most demanded projects in the area. It is located in one of the best locations in Bahria town Karachi and will be the fourth project by the company meaning that all the previous projects that they participated in were a resounding success. The project goes by the name of ‘DX Luxury’ apartments which was demanded by the residents of Bahria Town as there are not proper apartment facilities there and residents wanted ‘d and d’ apartments whose quality was high whose rates will be light on their pockets.

The building is designed to have 28 floors with a ground floor and resides on a 750 square yard plot size. It will be a very large building which can accommodate many people. There will be five apartments on one floor and the plan is to make three in the front and two in the back. There will be two kinds of rooms available to the customers; a two-bedroom apartment and a three-bedroom apartment. Both of these will be further divided into two categories; one two-bedroom apartment will be one thousand square feet and one will be 1100 square feet. The three-bedroom apartments will also be further divided into two categories; one will be 1550 square feet and one will be 1750 square feet.  They will also get other important facilities like powder rooms. This will ensure that the customers have a lot of options to choose from and that they might live comfortably for the duration of their stay. All of these rooms will be furnished with essential items and will feel like a luxury. The customer’s privacy is guaranteed and they will always look out for the customers. The booking will start at 25 per cent and the balance payments can be paid over thirty months.

DX Luxury Apartments

Luxury Redefined by Dreamsnex- Again

The best location and perfect amenities in the apartments will upgrade your living standards that too with your desire. The design of our apartments will be unique so you will love it. We are only working to make the lifestyle of our people luxurious. One has to look at all the aspects before making any decision. In this regard, you can completely rely on DreamsNex. By aligning all of our qualities we suggest you the best outcome. In the luxurious apartments that we are about to launch, you will find that from interior to story and construction everything will be of top quality. Houses have become expensive and buying a house has become once in a lifetime opportunity, so it is important to make a wise decision. We will help you to consider all the security options as well as the value of the apartments in the future.

State of the art apartments with latest Technology:

By looking at our luxury apartments, you will find that they are spacious and fine-looking. They have an aesthetic touch that makes them stand out. Our apartments have unique maps and are designed in a very creative way. You can easily choose your favorite one at reliable prices. One has to search a lot for these apartments in Pakistan, but now no worries because we are here.

Now DreamsNex Company is bringing their one of the amazing projects. We are taking a big step and bringing the best-constructed apartments first time in Pakistan. Dream Nex has begun building luxury apartments in Bahria town Karachi. Our main motto is to upgrade the living standard of our people. The apartments will be fine-looking, and one can buy them without any doubt. Apartments will be in different Sq Yards and one can easily find the desired size. 1BHK and 2BHK are very famous but one can find bigger options. Dream Nex Company always proves its quality of work by launching different projects.

Acquire attractive houses with the best location at reasonable prices:

These luxurious apartments that we are about to launch will have touch with earthy stones which look very appealing to the eyes. There will be balconies through which you can have an amazing view of Bahria Town. Amazing architects are designing these luxurious apartments with great quality material which will help them to last longer.

In most places, apartments are way too expensive and most families can not afford to buy them. Bahria Town is also an expensive place to live in. But these luxurious apartments have low prices despite the location and one can buy them in installments as well. They have great plans, with less or no interest, and one can easily opt for them. Here are some of the details of luxurious apartments that we are about to launch. The total price will be 9700000, in case of down payment the amount will be 2425000, the Digging price will be 1940000, and the value of an Installment will be 177833.

Need more info kindly contact us at +92 3204700033

Happy New Year 2021 Dreamsnex Bahria town Karachi

CEO Dreamsnex, Mr.Saifullah wishes a very Happy New Year to all of the stakeholders, customers, and team members. May this New Year bring all of you a lot of happiness and success! As a new year is approaching, Dreamsnex wants to take it as an opportunity to appreciate all of your accomplishments and achievements. I want to thank everyone for their support. Dreamsnex could never reach here without all of you. We feel very obliged that you chose us. With your help, we have completed more projects as compared to the last year.

This New Year is the beginning of new ventures and new projects so let’s continue to see success as we did last year. Due to your dedication and determination, Dreamsnex were able to complete all of the projects on time. I thank everyone for your support and hope that this relationship continues so we can achieve success together. We have many projects aligned for the next year, I am sure that with your dedication we will be able to complete all of them also in time.

Together we will begin a new chapter that will have the pages of success and happiness. With the help of everyone the caliber of work which we have done is supreme. I truly value all the wonderful things that everyone has done. I am trying to work out ways in which I can serve you even better.

This year has been great for me as I got all of you. As each day is passing our symbiotic business relationship is becoming way stronger. I want to thank you all for associating with us. I am lucky that I got all of you for my business. Every one of you understands the work process and appreciates the hard work of Salaam Estate and Builders. May this coming year bring more success and good news to your lives. The success story of Salaam Estate and Builders is incomplete without your contributions. Now it is time to say goodbye to 2021 and welcome 2022. Together we will shine for years to come.

Customer Feedback-Bahria Town Villa Construction

Having genuine and sincere customers is a dream for every business. The management and team of DreamsNex real estate are very thankful to their amazing customers. Our business is all because of your love and support and we are very glad to have worked with you and maintained a good relationship. Your satisfaction is our priority and the client’s likeness is our ultimate goal. One of our customers said: “I asked about some real estate, and a friend suggested to me about DreamsNex, I wasn’t sure and did some research before hiring and hiring DreamsNex, and that’s the best decision that I have made. The whole time went smoothly, and I did not regret once”.  Having such positive feedback from old clients encourages us to do better. It encourages us to do deliver the best we can.

“I was very desperate to sell my old house. I put it on the internet but had no positive response, then I got to know about DreamsNex real estate. They put my house on sale and I had contract papers in my hand within 5 days. With a 1 percent markup. I was made notified every day and I did not call them even once for any update, they guided me throughout. The best thing about them is their professionalism. How amazing is that? I was really amazed by their efficiency and work.” We asked him about the experience he had with us, and he was full of gratitude. He loved our honesty and transparency. We also asked him about where we can improve further, and he replied, nowhere you are just perfect the way you are. Getting the best reviews encourages us to be more efficient and well organized.

“They wore more than what I had expected. They were trustworthy and punctual. DreamsNex managed to do more than I demanded. I was really impressed by their customer care and how they deal with their customers. I have even suggested some of my friends try them because they are doing the work systematically.  looking forward to being working with DreamsNex in future as well”. These clients are extremely happy and satisfied with our work and so are we!

Bahria Town Karachi construction SOP’s

It is a proud moment to announce that Salaam Estate and DreamsNex have now started the pilling process of DX Smart apartments. After the manual digging and inspection from Bahria Town, we have been approved to move further with our goals. The stage of the DX Smart apartments is at its piling section and hopefully after inspection again, the excavation will start. We are sure that we will be completed with this structure soon. The basement and the ground floor roofs will soon be seen in upcoming February. This takes a lot of hard work and dedication because there is inspection after every step. As we had the same commitment with you in the past, we still have the same today.

We will keep updating you from time to time on what our next step is going to be and how we are managing everything. Furthermore, the steel that we are using is of the best material. We were anticipating using this steel because we want to give our best to the people. As we completed the tower within one year, we are sure that we will be able to finish this project fast as well. We are also acknowledged by Bahria Town, Karachi that we are the fastest team. Moreover, like previously, we will always give you the exact timeline of this project just like we gave for the rest. We will also make model apartments. All we need is your trust and patience.

There are many new questions that keep coming up mainly for construction in Bahria Town Karachi. Bahria Town, Karachi welcomes everyone to come and work in their land and there are not many restrictions. There is no need for registration but, there are some SOPs and laws and these are very good for end-users. In this, you have proper ownership of your plot, some approvals, in every stage there is inspection. All of these things are very useful in the long run.

Hence, it is the land of opportunity. The check-in balance is that plots can only be sold if he or she has the ownership. Whenever there is a project is launched, you can always take 20% of the down payment. The profit ratio has suffered a bit because the construction cost has increased. When we talk about the Liberty commercial, the plots are 266 sq yards and in a single plot, you can make a basement, ground, and 8 floors. If you keep doubling the yard then the floors increase.

DX Smart apartments Digging Ceremony

Throughout Dreamsnex journey with Bahria Town Karachi, we have managed to fulfill a lot of things that we had planned. It has been one of the most prized possessions that we are able to complete our wonderful projects on that and is mainly due to our timeline. We have a strict timeline that we follow and share with our viewers. You can approve this by seeing our biggest achievement so far of constructing the 15-floor building. The road map of our project

  • We made a blueprint for that in September 2020 and finished it within a year.
  • While working on the grounds, we also keep our viewers updated on the work we are doing. Hence, our main priority is the timelines that we share with you.
  • We are launching and working on our DX smart apartments. It is a proud moment to say that the digging process has started for the DX smart apartments in October 2021.
  • We will be able to complete all the side work for DX smart apartments and DX smart residency.

Our timeline for the DX Smart Apartment and Residency

Furthermore, as we constructed the UBN tower, we provided a well-mannered timeline for the process that was going to start or start. Hence, just like that in the future, we will always keep you updated on all the projects and tell you the next step which is going to proceed with. Just like the timeline we gave for the UBN tower, you can expect the same timeline for DX smart apartments and residency from us. Giving people who invested in our projects and viewers updates on our projects is our topmost priority. Hence, it is important for us to keep everyone updated on all of the steps that we are taking for the betterment of living.

Our main aim is to always finish our projects within the time that we have given or even before that. Hence, we try our fullest to provide our viewers and supporters with all the updates as soon as possible. We also want to provide you with the best form of lifestyle we can. Our deadline for the DX smart apartments is 2.5 years but, our goal is to complete it before that or within the given time. The same goes for the DX smart residency as well. Furthermore, we are known as one of the best-trusted builders working in Bahria Town Karachi. There were some beautiful words claimed by Shahid Mehmood Qureshi.

2 bedroom Flats in Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town, Karachi has been one of the most leading societies in Pakistan. Everyone dreams of living in beautiful villas and apartments. Hence, that is why, we the team of Dreamsnex are installing 2 bedroom apartments in Bahria Town, Karachi. We have been making sure that the best offers are given to our customers. That is why we are offering 2 bedroom apartments in multiple areas in Bahria Town like, Bahria Apartments Precinct 19, Bahria Heights and Central park Apartments Precinct 54.

You do not have to worry about these areas being abandon or boring. Instead we choose those areas which are filled with population and are bright. They have a friendly environment which includes the Central park as well.

  • We are offering 2 sizes for bedrooms.
  • One being 950 SQ.FT and the second one is 750 SQ.FT.
  • These two sizes will differ in the price range as well.
  • The 950 SQ.FT’s booking payment will be 25% making it Rs. 2,018,750 whereas the 750 SQ.FT’s will be Rs. 1,593,750 with the same percentage of booking.
  • The payable at digging will be 20% making it Rs. 1,615,000 for 950 SQ.FT and Rs. 1,275,000 for 750 SQ.FT.
  • Lastly, the 30 months installment will be Rs. 148,041 for 940 SQ.FT and for 750 SQ.FT it will be Rs. 116,815.
  • All of this will sum up to provide you with the total of Rs. 8,075,000 for 950SQ.FT and Rs. 6,375,000 for 750 SQ.FT

Join hands with Dreamsnex

This is a great opportunity for people who want the best quality residence with the investment in Bahria Town. Even if you like aboard and still want to invest in this amazing plan then there is no need to worry ay out team at Dreamsnex will make sure you know every single detail and information about the whole plan. We are not only providing with 2 bedroom apartments but also 3 and 4 bedroom apartments in Precinct 19.

Dreamnex will assure you that this will be one of the best opportunities and investments you will ever come across. The area situated is at its finest with majority of attractions. We are a reliable team and have also worked before many times with Bahria and have gotten no negative feedback. We want our customers to be satisfied with all the work we do, hence we are giving them the once in a life time opportunity to make their imaginations real by working with Dreamsnex.