Bahria Town Karachi has announced a deal for affectees of BTK-125 SqYd. Now they can avail BTK-75 SqYd in Bahria Greens

The merge-up for the 125 square yard plot in Bahria Green

There are no limitations when it comes to Bahria Town Karachi. Therefore, this a surprising and a piece of wonderful news for those whose 125 square yard plots for villas went out of the boundaries. Now, these people can merge up with a 75-square-yard plot. This is exciting news for everyone not only because your villa will have an extra 75 square yards making it an ideal size. However, it will also have an affordable price range which is set in the best location of Bahria Town Karachi, Bahria Greens. Therefore, all of these offers are the best because of numerous reasons. 

The price range of the merge up

You will be able to get a plot for 18 lac to 25 lakhs in Bahria Greens. There is a wide range of numbers between them because of the different deals. You will be able to come across numerous different deals when it comes to Bahria Greens. Hence, all of these consider the location as well as other things such as facilities. The first launch was of 16 lakhs 72 thousand and then came in the 25 lakhs deal. If you are looking for a full payment deal then you will be able to get up to 20 lakhs. The best thing about this is that there is still a fluctuation on this. Hence, you will be able to get it in minus 3 lakhs which makes it 18 lakhs of a fully paid file. 

The benefits of 75 square yards merge up                                             

There are numerous people seem to be upset about the area that has been given to them for the merge-up. However, this is a great opportunity for a ton of people because, in this location, Bahria Town is allowing for a space of ground plus 2 floors. Therefore, you will be able to get yourself a villa like no other with a good amount of space. When you combined the total area and look at the blueprint of your villa, then you will surely be happy about it. The total result will look like a complete 135-square-yard plot. 

The best installment sight 

Everyone is looking for the best area to go for an installment and to grab a populous surrounding which grants them the benefit of every facility. This includes basic needs as well as luxury elements. Hence, Bahria Greens is one of the best and top-notch areas you can get to fulfill all your requirements. You can get an easy and quick installment here from 86 lakhs reaching up to 1 crore.

The installment is straightforward here which is why you will not have to face any issues. Therefore, if you are looking for your perfect villa construction to be done within the quickest time frame, then we are here. Salaam Estate and Builders offer some of the most brilliant offers for customers to avail of on time while providing them with affordable prices. Hence, you can work with us for a strong and quick completion.

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