Smart Homes in Bahria Town Karachi by Dreamsnex

Smart Homes in Bahria Town Karachi by Dreamsnex

Bahria Town Karachi is becoming the most favorite choice for people. As it is the only housing society in Pakistan offering world-class facilities. People can have an international standard of living here. Moreover, the quality of construction is as per the recommended codes and regulations. This is why it is getting popular with each passing day. Along with all this, it is one of the first gated communities that has introduced the concept of smart living. Dreamsnex is pleased to announce a couple of projects here in Bahria Town based on the idea of smart features. As technology is getting its share bigger in almost all walks of life. So that is true with the construction industry also.

Dreamsnex has recently launched its project named “DX Smart Apartments”. This project got widespread popularity and the booking of the apartments has been completed in a very short time. This shows the increased interest of people in the concept of smart living. Considering this huge response, Dreamsnex has also introduced another project with the title “DX Smart Residency”. This project has been launched by the company. And it will be going to be another landmark achievement by Dreamsnex. As people have shown great interest in this project also.

Dreamsnex is committed to fulfilling all the promises made to customers. We have a proven record of delivering on time. Not only this, but we have also ensured the highest level of quality in the construction and finishing of our projects.

Salient features of Smart Homes

Just like previous smart projects, this project will also be employing modern technology. We are aiming to provide more facilities to our customers. With the use of modern technology, the reliance on manual and mechanical systems will be reduced. That is one can access several appliances from a phone or other smart devices. The key features of the project will be following;

  • We are aiming to offer keyless operation. That is one can operate main gates as well as other doors from the phones. One does not have to physically move to the door to open or close it.
  • Almost all of the appliances in the home will be connected to the network and that is they can be operated from mobile phones. The main objective of this overall technology is to offer customers more flexibility and freedom from manual ways of doing things.

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