DreamsNex Smart Apartment’s Features and Details

DreamsNex Smart Apartment’s Features and Details

Book your apartment in the DX luxury apartments. All of the paperwork for these apartments are done. Now we are presenting the project in front of our customers. If you are finding a luxurious apartment in Karachi then make your way to us. You can acquire one at affordable prices. Now we are very proud that after completing the whole work we can answer every question of our customers. Now we have every detail of the project like the completion time, and a road map for digging and construction. If you are an investor and willing to invest in a profitable project then you can rely on us. We have all of the necessary documents like legalities, approval from the concerned authorities, and paperwork. If you are willing to have a site visit then we will appreciate and welcome you. We also promised the greenery in this project so the customers can witness it.

Details of the Dx Smart Apartments

The plot project is cleared from every aspect so there are no outstanding charges that are currently present against the plot. All of these things are related to the digging work and progress. There are a total of two categories and both of which will have about 2 bedrooms. You can book your apartment now. Here we are going to discuss some of the details deeply.

  • The first one is the 2 sized bedroom which has a total area of 1000. The total price of this apartment is 9700000. If you want to acquire it in installments then the down payment will be 2425000. The site execution charges are 1940000. The total installments are divided into 30. So every month you will have to pay about 177833.
  • The other apartment also consists of 2 bedrooms but has an area of 1030. The total price of this apartment is 11021000. The down payment will be 27755250. If we talk about the site execution charges then they are going to be 2204200. The installment price will be 202052.
  • The third one has two beds in it having an area of 1080. If we talk about the total price of the apartment then it will be 11609500. The down payment will be 2902375. The site execution charges will be 2321900. You will have to pay 3o installments of 212841 each.
  • The fourth one consists of three beds having a total area of 1565. Keeping in view the covered area the price of the apartment will be 15180500. The down payment will be 3795125. The site execution price will be 3036100. The installments will be divided into 30 and each will have a value of 278309.
  • The fifth one has three beds also and the total area that this apartment consists of is 1765. The total price of the apartment is 18885500. The down payment will be 4721375. The price of the site execution will be 3777100. And the installment price will be 346234.

Well, these were some of the details of the apartment that DreamsNex is launching.

Use Smart Technology

In the Bahria Town Karachi DreamsNex is the pioneer in bringing the concept of smart technology. We are always willing to work innovatively and for that reason, we are different from others. We are also trying to come up with modern technology so we can provide you with some more efficient services. In the apartments of the DreamsNex, there will be a keyless entry will be possible, and there will also be internal control and safety measures. You will be able to use them with the help of smart technology.

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