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Dx Heights Bahria Town Karachi


DreamsNex is proud to announce another groundbreaking project “DX Heights” at Bahria Town Karachi. DreamsNex is the ultimate expression of a high-class, luxurious way of life. It is packed with a wide range of appealing features and is flawless. All of our initiatives are aimed at bringing your wildest dreams come true, and they all take place in breathtaking locations.With your comfort and convenience in mind, DreamsNex has hired a team of experienced architects. To achieve this, we at DreamsNex strive to please our customers and team members by delivering on our promises and exceeding their expectations at every turn. We know all the finest spots to go in Bahria Town, Karachi, and we work with each customer to meet their individual requirements. The techniques we employ to sell homes and property are tried and proven, as is the advice we provide clients about the real estate market and the opportunities we uncover for them.

Bahria Town Karachi is an endeavor that radically alters the lives of residents of Karachi, and this fact is beginning to get recognition because convenience is of the utmost importance, those living outside of the city can build a life that is calm and pleasant. No doubt more than thousands of residents reside there and more people are exploring and shifting to Bahria, so once again DreamsNex came up with the idea of launching its out-class “Dx Heights’ ‘ at the most fantastic location in Bahria Town. The following is a list of the amazing qualities that DreamsNex has to offer its residents:

  • Spacious flat with 2, 3 bedrooms
  • Parking areas for each block
  • Security & Maintenance at Door
  • Beautiful green spaces for enjoyment
  • Clean and well-ventilated
  • optimum use of natural daylight

Your goals and desires will be taken into consideration while developing Dx heights. There will be no disruptions of any kind to the flow of power. The building will be outfitted with elevators that are both luxurious and spacious, and it will be safeguarded by strong security measures as well as service employees who are available on call. This project has excellent design in all aspects, including the plan, the infrastructure, and the amenities.

DreamsNex differentiates itself by its unique use of cutting-edge technology.. The DreamsNex team comprises a project manager in addition to engineers and other technical professionals. Every member of the team is dedicated to the company’s goal of providing the finest quality construction services while also following the highest standards of ethics and honesty.Dx

Heights offers 2 to 3 bedrooms with nice and spacious interior.. As well as stores on the ground floor.Retail space is planned on the ground floor.

Dx Heights are located at Precinct 11-A Entrance plot #9 corner at Bahria Town Karachi, this precinct is unique which is a fantastic location to be in if you enter the complex from the main gate. The area is developed and populated around and changing over the time. DreamsNex is known for the high quality of the facilities and services it offers. The green spaces are kept in mind and the edges of the precinct are marked by parks and surrounded by places for kids to play. Not only will it give people walking by a great view, but it will also make the neighbourhood a great place to live, because of the beautiful scenery, the Dx Heights will get more attention and appeal.

Payment Plan Dx Heights

DreamsNex has earned an outstanding reputation in the industry for the superior quality of its building products and associated services. In addition to this, we are well-known for providing our customers with the most reliable and user-friendly payment plan possible.

We have a great different down payment plan for each inventory according to the area covered. Our clients will have access to a  range of options from which they can choose the solutions that work for them.Here is a list of the Dx Heights Inventory:  shops

  • Shop 1: 675 Sq feet- PKR 9,281,250
  • Shop 2: 475 Sq feet- PKR 6,531,250
  • Shop 3 :730 Sq feet-PKR 10,037,500

Down Payment for 2 bedrooms

  • 1067 Sq feet-PKR 2,907,575

Down Payment for 3 bedrooms

  • 1530 Sq feet- PKR 4,169,250

Stay tuned and avail the best payment plan that DreamsNex has designed for its clients :easy and simple,book now and contact us for further details.

DX Trade Tower Bahria Town Karachi

Welcome to the world of luxury and sophistication at Dreamnex where dream becomes a reality considering all your preferences and aspirations.

Dreamnex is the epitome of providing a world-class luxurious lifestyle filled with a wealth of extravagant amenities and perfection. Our projects are designed to get tailored to your highest standards with outstanding locations. Dreamnex is intelligently designed by professional architects to meet up with your comfort zones to bring in modern facilities and services. Dreamnex stands out from the crowd due to its innovative utilization of cutting-edge technology. Dreamnex is a team of highly qualified engineers, project managers, and technical experts. Each and every member is committed to the company’s purpose of providing top-notch construction with honesty and integrity. DreamNex is successfully working on its other three projects and delivering its project on time.

So, the wait is over; Dreamnex proudly announces another groundbreaking project “DX TRADE TOWER” which will be another landmark in the history of Bahria Town Karachi with the most attractive interior and elite building and will be serving its corporate clients with an ultra-modern and futuristic office space that inspires efficiency and stimulates creativity. DX trade tower will be an 18 Storey office complex which will be located at the main Jinnah Road, the most prime location in Bahria town Karachi.DX trade Tower will be a commercial project that offers state-of-the-art corporate offices and commercial outlets at a strategic location. This building will also have a beautiful mosque and shopping plaza on the ground floors.

The Tower will be specially designed to provide column-free space for a spacious office setting with a ceiling-to-floor height. The sensational design and astounding exterior of DX Trade Towers will blend the essential elements of style, splendour, and technology with the tranquillity of a beautiful landscape, to unleash the most exquisite experience for those entering the building.


  • Fantastic Views of Bahria town Karachi
  • Standby generators
  • International standard lifts
  • High maintenance building
  • Top-notch security system
  • Spacious car parking area

The whole building will be centrally air-conditioned with uninterrupted power cuts. The building will have luxurious and spacious lifts with standby security and services. The aesthetically designed Building layout, infrastructure, and facilities dx trade tower will have re-defined the office environment by introducing the most luxurious and architecturally beautiful set-up in the workplace setting. DX Trade tower is allotted 500 Square feet space of for commercial places. There will be space for six offices on each floor. The size of an office will depend. Dx trade tower is designed with modern Infrastructure, and we have a talented, and professional team that will be working on this project soon. The ground floorcosts10000 square feet and the upper floor costs13000persqft. Dx trade tower will be designed with high-performance glass. Lastly and the most t important update is that the rental payment will be started on very next day of the payment.

Location of Dx Trade Tower

Our new project, Dx Trade tower is in the heart of Bahria town Karachi with an amazing location that is convenient and near to the main gate of Bahria town Karachi. It will offer a luxurious place to work and relax in an environment with wonderful views. It is situated on Main Jinnah Road, which is the ideal location. Dx trade tower can be seen even from a distance due to its central location and can be easily found. It is a 7-8 minutes walk from the gate if one is dr This building will have a separate and spacious area for parking and will offer every facility you could dream about. The building will have beautiful, lush greenery in its surroundings which will enhance its beauty further.

Payment Plan Of Dx Trade Tower

DreamNex is well known for its high-quality construction as well as its facilities. We are also known for providing our customers with the best payment plan that is simple and reliable. The payment plan for Dx trade tower is different as the offices are of varied sizes also depending on the floor numbers.

With each floor, we offer a great 25 monthly payments.  There are lots of choices for our customers to choose the best ones for themselves in the most convenient and easiest way. All of them will have a 25% down payment as well.  Here is the list of different areas and prices of Ground floor that involves 30% down payment.

  • 1165.17 Sq feet- PKR 34,955,100
  • 1094.31 Sq feet- PKR 32,829,300
  • 770.29 Sq feet – PKR 23,108,700
  • 731.85 Sq feet – PKR 21,955,500

The payment plan for floors 4 to 18 is given below that includes 25% down payment.

  • 885.88 Sq feet- PKR 2,768,375
  • 697.82 Sq feet- PKR 2,180,688
  • 1074.51 Sq feet- PKR 3,375,844
  • 668.46 Sq feet- PKR 2,088,938
  • 526.33 Sq feet- PKR 1,644,781
  • 700.00 Sq feet- PKR 2,187,500

So hurry up and book now, contact us on the given numbers for more details. Stay Tuned.

Dx Smart Residency

Dreamsnex is planning to install the most advanced smart technology appliances in DX Smart Residency. One of the main features is the remote control of the main gate and its keyless operation. The main door will be equipped with locks that will be operated with smart device means, it can be opened with the click on mobile or other attached device. The keyless operations are getting common in high-tech buildings and the environment. We are planning to make use of these technologies in the DX Smart Residency.

This is not all about the key-less operation of main gates, all other features will also be there. Appliances will be controlled by mobiles, such as one can have access to control ACs, fans, and other appliances with the click on a smart device.

All this connectivity can be accessed from anywhere, for this one just has to make sure the reliable internet connection. We are planning to add more features to DX Smart Residency.

The concept of smart living is introduced by Dreamsnex in Bahria Town Karachi by us. We have planned this project after getting huge feedback from customers who couldn’t get their homes in the earlier projects. Together with splendid surroundings, outstanding construction and finishing and use of the modern facility will make it worth living place. For more details and information, please contact our representative.

Dx Smart Apartments


Quick Facts

2 Bed Apartments of 955sqft and 800sqft at Ali Square, Bahria Town Karachi

Ground + 8 Floors Total 24 Apartments and 4 Showrooms

PKR 9000/sqft


Dreamsnex is pleased to announce that it has completed all the required paperwork of DX Smart Apartments. We have a legacy for fulfilling all the requisite work and conditionality before presenting the project to customers. That is very true with this project also, we are now in a position to answer every query of our customers. From the project start to completion time, a road map for digging and construction, we have everything in black and white right now. Those who are interested to invest in this project are welcome to check all the legalities, paperwork, and approval from concerned authorities. We will warmly appreciate and welcome our customers for a site visit and witness the greenery as we have promised in this project.


Dx Luxury Apartments

Luxury Redefined by Dreamsnex- Again

The best location and perfect amenities in the apartments will upgrade your living standards that too with your desire. The design of our apartments will be unique so you will love it. We are only working to make the lifestyle of our people luxurious. One has to look at all the aspects before making any decision. In this regard, you can completely rely on DreamsNex. By aligning all of our qualities we suggest you the best outcome. In the luxurious apartments that we are about to launch, you will find that from interior to story and construction everything will be of top quality. Houses have become expensive and buying a house has become once in a lifetime opportunity, so it is important to make a wise decision. We will help you to consider all the security options as well as the value of the apartments in the future.