The new progress in Ali Block Sports and Athletics Complex

The new progress in Ali Block Sports and Athletics Complex

The new progress in Ali Block Sports and Athletics Complex

The population wants something that is going to match their desires of living. Hence, the best thing about Bahria Town Karachi is that it continues to grow and develop. Therefore, because of this, the construction in Ali Block has started. This is great and exciting news for everyone because there was a huge wait of this area. The specialty of this is that the construction site is on 5.85 AC Sports and Athletics complex of Ali Block. Hence, there are different areas within Ali Block that stand out and one of them is the Sports complex. Numerous people have been waiting for the construction in this area as it provides a great settlement for living.

Ali Block comes under precinct 12 but it always known as the Ali Block because of its attractiveness. This area is more developed when we compare it with the rest and it is also alive. Therefore, citizens are happy to know about the start of the construction process in the Sports and Athletics complex. These bring in more influence within the area and encourages people to obtain a beautiful villa here.

The surrounding of Ali Block

The location where Ali Block is placed is surely ideal. It faces the Grand Jamia Mosque. It is also connected to the Jinnah Avenue as it is nearby. Therefore, there is everything you will need when it comes to facility wise as well as fulfilling your needs. The back side of Ali Block is Bahria Heights which is another prestigious area of Bahria Town Karachi. The villas in Ali Block vary from size to size. Hence, now because the construction has started, you can get in touch with Salaam Estate and Builders at any time.

We are always here to look out for your ideal villas and make everything come true. Therefore, this is the best time that you will get to construct your villa in a brand new area with everything set accordingly. You will have no need to stress about external factors because everything is kept within safe doors. There is also a park that your children can enjoy as well as yourself. Hence, it is a great area to build your home and a great time as well.

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