grand jamia mosque bahria town karachi

Grand Jamia Mosque Bahria Town Karachi

All you need to know about Grand Jamia Mosque Karachi

Grand Jamia Mosque Karachi: When it comes to living in Karachi, Bahria Town Karachi is one of the best and luxury places. It sets a perfect living standard for every kind of person living there. Therefore, people who come from overseas can also live comfortably in Bahria Town Karachi just like Pakistanis. Bahria Town Karachi offers many different elements which add to its value because of its new modern features and technological advancements in the town. The purpose of Bahria Town Karachi is not just to incorporate all of the western activities that entertain people, but also to keep the traditions and ethics strong for Pakistan.

Besides the modern equipment and homes being ready to live in this modern era, a mosque should be available in every town as Pakistan is a Muslim country. Therefore, Bahria Town Karachi made sure to keep the tradition and religion strong forever by building the majestic Jamia Mosque in the town. However, Bahria Town Karachi has top-class luxuries for everyone to avail of living as there are many attractive places and elements. But Jamia Mosque is still the best of the rest of the elements in Bahria Town Karachi at this time.

The details of Jamia Mosque

This mosque is not only famous for the terms of its architecture but also because of its greater size. The Jamia Mosque of Karachi is the 7th largest mosque in the whole world. Therefore, it can hold many worshippers at a time in the whole of Pakistan. When it comes to attracting tourists, there are so many unique places in Bahria Town Karachi. But the Jamia Mosque is still at the top of the list because of its elegant look and the religious meaning that it holds behind it. There are so many things that help in making a mosque big and attractive in a developing country. This is why a mosque requires to be given a suitable tribute which also stands high for the Muslims in the country.

This mosque is a masterpiece that shows the best details of Islamic art. The Jamia Mosque also showcases craftsmanship uniquely. However, this mosque can hold 70,000 worshippers at a time, which is an incredible number that makes it the biggest indoor holding spot. You will come to know about the hard work and time that has been consumed in assembling the Jamia Mosque by exploring and looking at the heights of the mosque. When it comes to the construction of this mosque, it has reached a total of around PKR 4 billion.

The location of Jamia Mosque

Besides the attractive looks, the location of Jamia Mosque is also perfect as it has located in an ideal area of Pakistan. This Mosque is exactly located in Bahria Town Karachi which is next to Chambelli Block. The Jamia Mosque has so many features that make it more attractive and unique. Now we will discuss below some of the incredible features of Jamia Mosque.

The informative exterior of Jamia Mosque

Engineers have decorated the Jamia Mosque with a big central dome with 20 smaller domes. They create an elegant look to make sure that the attention of visitors is only on the mosque. Furthermore, the structural base of the mosque from the ground is about 20 feet having a roof that goes around 40 feet. The largest dome of the mosque extends its height of 40 feet from the ground. It covers an area of 50 feet from the ground to the roof. However, it is also called the crown of the Jamia Mosque because of its beauty and incredibly designed features.

Surrounding a large courtyard

The Jamia Mosque doesn’t lie down in a smaller area after looking at the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore. This mosque has 4 arched corridors and covers a 165 feet minaret to give it both an ancient and modern feel to visitors. There are different types of features that are included in the mosque which makes it more enchanting. Hence, here are some of the most brilliant features of the Jamia Mosque.


The enlightening exterior of the Jamia Mosque


The Jamia Mosque has a big central dome which is decorated by 20 smaller domes. Hence, this creates a fancy yet, elegant look and ensures that the whole attention is only on the mosque when visiting it. The structural base of the mosque is lifted from the ground about 20 feet and it has a roof that goes up to 80 feet. Hence, it is a big mosque and the largest of the domes extends its height of 40 feet from the ground and covers an area of 50 feet. This part is also known as the crown of the Mosque because of its set-defined beauty and brilliantly designed features.


Encompassing a wide courtyard 


After looking the Badshahi Mosque, the Jami Mosque does not lie down in a smaller area. It covers a 165 feet minaret and has 4 arched corridors as well to give it an ancient and modern feel. All of these things added with a water foundation makes it a fabulous and absolute look that ensures of a once in a lifetime look. The fountain is working all the time to maximize the beauty of the Mosque which adds more enchantment to the overall structure.


The majestic minarets 


The biggest and most noticeable element of the Jamia Mosque is the minarets that I used. They are given much emphasis because they are octagonal. Not only that but, every door will lead you toward the top of the tower to which you will have a spectacular view of the entire area that is covered by the mosque as well as the area surrounding it. Therefore, with this, the wooden balconies that are added also give it a history appeal and also make it a great element to have a sight view. Therefore, it brightens up the entire look and magnifies it more, and lays much importance on the historic elements as well as religion.


The finishing 


The smallest details count which is why the Jamia Mosque has been exquisitely designed to ensure that everything is in the perfect place and that redeemed well within every corner and that nothing is left out.


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