Public Notice- Approval of the proposed master plan measuring 16896 acres of Bahria Town

Bahria Town has been developing the earliest and fastest out of all the other areas in Karachi. It is no surprise that a ton of people and construction companies the most to happen and it does without any hesitation. Therefore, now by establishing a luxurious lifestyle, it is a piece of thrilling news that the additional Deputy Commissioner-1, District Malir, Karachi has officially confirmed and also forwarded the ownership status of land measuring 16896 acres in numerous different areas. These areas include the Dehs viz. DehBolhari, DehLanghaji, DehKinkar, DehKharkhari and DehKathore of Bahria Town Karachi.

This also extends to the Sub Division such as the TalukaGadap and MuradMemon and District Malir. Therefore, now it has become easy to plan and sort out different structures in Bahria Town Karachi after this notice. It is one of the most populated areas and numerous people are still keen on settling there to live a peaceful and luxurious lifestyle. Not only that but, due to the speed of development in Bahri Town, it is not going to be reaching numerous milestones. Bahria Town is unique and different from the rest which is why it has been getting all the attention as it gives citizens a fruitful place of living. It does not only accommodate properties for a living but, has numerous commercial plans too.

The high-security plan 

One of the major reasons why numerous there are developments in Bahria Town Karachi is due to its high security. It ensures that living within its boundaries is secured with the best high-tech security plans. Therefore, it also establishes a high safe living plan for citizens as well which grants them a peaceful lifestyle. Hence, after this grand notice, there are going to be numerous milestones that Bahria Town Karachi will aim and fulfill.

DX Trade Tower Bahria Town Karachi

Welcome to the world of luxury and sophistication at Dreamnex where dream becomes a reality considering all your preferences and aspirations.

Dreamnex is the epitome of providing a world-class luxurious lifestyle filled with a wealth of extravagant amenities and perfection. Our projects are designed to get tailored to your highest standards with outstanding locations. Dreamnex is intelligently designed by professional architects to meet up with your comfort zones to bring in modern facilities and services. Dreamnex stands out from the crowd due to its innovative utilization of cutting-edge technology. Dreamnex is a team of highly qualified engineers, project managers, and technical experts. Each and every member is committed to the company’s purpose of providing top-notch construction with honesty and integrity. DreamNex is successfully working on its other three projects and delivering its project on time.

So, the wait is over; Dreamnex proudly announces another groundbreaking project “DX TRADE TOWER” which will be another landmark in the history of Bahria Town Karachi with the most attractive interior and elite building and will be serving its corporate clients with an ultra-modern and futuristic office space that inspires efficiency and stimulates creativity. DX trade tower will be an 18 Storey office complex which will be located at the main Jinnah Road, the most prime location in Bahria town Karachi.DX trade Tower will be a commercial project that offers state-of-the-art corporate offices and commercial outlets at a strategic location. This building will also have a beautiful mosque and shopping plaza on the ground floors.

The Tower will be specially designed to provide column-free space for a spacious office setting with a ceiling-to-floor height. The sensational design and astounding exterior of DX Trade Towers will blend the essential elements of style, splendour, and technology with the tranquillity of a beautiful landscape, to unleash the most exquisite experience for those entering the building.


  • Fantastic Views of Bahria town Karachi
  • Standby generators
  • International standard lifts
  • High maintenance building
  • Top-notch security system
  • Spacious car parking area

The whole building will be centrally air-conditioned with uninterrupted power cuts. The building will have luxurious and spacious lifts with standby security and services. The aesthetically designed Building layout, infrastructure, and facilities dx trade tower will have re-defined the office environment by introducing the most luxurious and architecturally beautiful set-up in the workplace setting. DX Trade tower is allotted 500 Square feet space of for commercial places. There will be space for six offices on each floor. The size of an office will depend. Dx trade tower is designed with modern Infrastructure, and we have a talented, and professional team that will be working on this project soon. The ground floorcosts10000 square feet and the upper floor costs13000persqft. Dx trade tower will be designed with high-performance glass. Lastly and the most t important update is that the rental payment will be started on very next day of the payment.

Location of Dx Trade Tower

Our new project, Dx Trade tower is in the heart of Bahria town Karachi with an amazing location that is convenient and near to the main gate of Bahria town Karachi. It will offer a luxurious place to work and relax in an environment with wonderful views. It is situated on Main Jinnah Road, which is the ideal location. Dx trade tower can be seen even from a distance due to its central location and can be easily found. It is a 7-8 minutes walk from the gate if one is dr This building will have a separate and spacious area for parking and will offer every facility you could dream about. The building will have beautiful, lush greenery in its surroundings which will enhance its beauty further.

Payment Plan Of Dx Trade Tower

DreamNex is well known for its high-quality construction as well as its facilities. We are also known for providing our customers with the best payment plan that is simple and reliable. The payment plan for Dx trade tower is different as the offices are of varied sizes also depending on the floor numbers.

With each floor, we offer a great 25 monthly payments.  There are lots of choices for our customers to choose the best ones for themselves in the most convenient and easiest way. All of them will have a 25% down payment as well.  Here is the list of different areas and prices of Ground floor that involves 30% down payment.

  • 1165.17 Sq feet- PKR 34,955,100
  • 1094.31 Sq feet- PKR 32,829,300
  • 770.29 Sq feet – PKR 23,108,700
  • 731.85 Sq feet – PKR 21,955,500

The payment plan for floors 4 to 18 is given below that includes 25% down payment.

  • 885.88 Sq feet- PKR 2,768,375
  • 697.82 Sq feet- PKR 2,180,688
  • 1074.51 Sq feet- PKR 3,375,844
  • 668.46 Sq feet- PKR 2,088,938
  • 526.33 Sq feet- PKR 1,644,781
  • 700.00 Sq feet- PKR 2,187,500

So hurry up and book now, contact us on the given numbers for more details. Stay Tuned.

DreamsNex Smart Apartment’s Features and Details

Book your apartment in the DX luxury apartments. All of the paperwork for these apartments are done. Now we are presenting the project in front of our customers. If you are finding a luxurious apartment in Karachi then make your way to us. You can acquire one at affordable prices. Now we are very proud that after completing the whole work we can answer every question of our customers. Now we have every detail of the project like the completion time, and a road map for digging and construction. If you are an investor and willing to invest in a profitable project then you can rely on us. We have all of the necessary documents like legalities, approval from the concerned authorities, and paperwork. If you are willing to have a site visit then we will appreciate and welcome you. We also promised the greenery in this project so the customers can witness it.

Details of the Dx Smart Apartments

The plot project is cleared from every aspect so there are no outstanding charges that are currently present against the plot. All of these things are related to the digging work and progress. There are a total of two categories and both of which will have about 2 bedrooms. You can book your apartment now. Here we are going to discuss some of the details deeply.

  • The first one is the 2 sized bedroom which has a total area of 1000. The total price of this apartment is 9700000. If you want to acquire it in installments then the down payment will be 2425000. The site execution charges are 1940000. The total installments are divided into 30. So every month you will have to pay about 177833.
  • The other apartment also consists of 2 bedrooms but has an area of 1030. The total price of this apartment is 11021000. The down payment will be 27755250. If we talk about the site execution charges then they are going to be 2204200. The installment price will be 202052.
  • The third one has two beds in it having an area of 1080. If we talk about the total price of the apartment then it will be 11609500. The down payment will be 2902375. The site execution charges will be 2321900. You will have to pay 3o installments of 212841 each.
  • The fourth one consists of three beds having a total area of 1565. Keeping in view the covered area the price of the apartment will be 15180500. The down payment will be 3795125. The site execution price will be 3036100. The installments will be divided into 30 and each will have a value of 278309.
  • The fifth one has three beds also and the total area that this apartment consists of is 1765. The total price of the apartment is 18885500. The down payment will be 4721375. The price of the site execution will be 3777100. And the installment price will be 346234.

Well, these were some of the details of the apartment that DreamsNex is launching.

Use Smart Technology

In the Bahria Town Karachi DreamsNex is the pioneer in bringing the concept of smart technology. We are always willing to work innovatively and for that reason, we are different from others. We are also trying to come up with modern technology so we can provide you with some more efficient services. In the apartments of the DreamsNex, there will be a keyless entry will be possible, and there will also be internal control and safety measures. You will be able to use them with the help of smart technology.

4 bedroom villa 125 Sq Yard Villa for sale Bahria Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi is going through a speedy time of construction of villas. It first started out small but then now, it is grown and nearly all precincts have numerous villas. There are also some precincts where families have moved in and they are alive. Hence, if you are looking for a villa in a lively place then precinct 11 b is the best. DreamNex deals with all sorts of commercial buildings and give them out to customers so that they can live their best life. Hence, if you are looking for a good 4 or 3-bedroom villa of 125 sq yards then getting one in 11 b is the best.

You can tell us about what you would want your villa to look like and we will be able to make it for you. Moreover, the elements that we use to make the villa are one of a kind. All of them have quality work done on them and they are durable. The doors used such as for the entrance is a solid door. There are 2 different options you can choose from. The other doors that are used are press doors. The tiles that are used are from China and they come in different textures as well as different colors. The cabinets of the kitchen are made from Lasani. For the sanitary we used Sonics and for the windows we uses aluminum.

The facilities and the price structure 125 Sq Yard Villa  

All of the materials used can be changed by your demand. If you want to change the house structure and want to have bedrooms and the kitchen in different areas then we can do that as well. We will just need your blueprint and we will get the work done. Hence, you can get this will for 80 lakhs after including the charges that Bahria Town adds. Therefore, you are getting an amazing villa for a good price.

This is one of the best deals that you can avail of because there are a ton of families who are shifting here and the rates keep rising. Therefore, this is the best chance to grab your hand in this villa. It is neat and clean and it also has a majestic view of the masjid. Hence, all the facilities are nearby and there is no sort of trouble that will come to you. Moreover, this precinct is in the developing sector which is why the prices of the villa are affordable. Therefore, do not miss this amazing opportunity to get your ideal villa in the best area possible.

The blueprint of the villa 125 Sq Yard

When you first enter the villa, you will see the main TV lounge which will be connected to the dining area on the left side. On the right side, you will find the open kitchen which will connect to the small hallway outside. Next to the main entrance, you will see the powder room. Next to the powder room are the staircases that lead you to the 1st floor. There is one bedroom on the ground floor which is placed next to the kitchen and the staircase.

When you enter the first floor, there will be another door that will lead you to the roof. There are 2 bedrooms on the right side and one on the left. All of the bedrooms have built-in cupboards and a washroom. There is also an open kitchen which is accompanied by a terrace. Moreover, all the bedrooms have large windows to make the room look bigger as well as brighter. Hence, the whole villa has numerous windows to allow great ventilation and sunlight.

Jaded Pakistan conference 2022

DX Group is excited to announce Jadeed Pakistan conference 4.0 on 23rd March 2022. CEO DX Group Mr Saifullah said that the main motive of the jaded Pakistan conference is to make research on different aspects of the urban development and the modernization of the cities of Pakistan. It also addresses the issues that are related to climate change. One of the main aims of this conference is to bring cooperate sector, educationist government and youth closer so they can share their experiences. The theme of the conference was the transformation and the modernization of the cities. The conference is bringing together a host of stakeholders of the city from a variety of sectors. At the conference, there will be government officials, urban planners, public health professionals, development workers, and the business community. A larger amount of business community members will be at the conference.

The conference mainly concentrates on making some new satellites so the workload of the conference is reduced. Karachi is one of the main cities that is facing these problems. The overpopulation of Karachi is a very big problem. There are also many other issues like water, sanitation, local administration and transport. The conference will do some planning so that our cities can improve.

The conference will discuss how to use the energy resources properly and how to upgrade the environment. They will try to make the cities in terms of the use of resources of energy. For developing the narratives these kinds of sessions are very important. The focus of this conference was to raise awareness in the next generation. And to motivate the youth so they can take the lead in the change in the present. The youth nowadays has no investments nowadays. There are many youths who are game-changers but they are going abroad. This conference has an agenda and vision and plans to build its identity.

Villa Construction Bahria Town Karachi- A guide for Overseas Client

You might think about owning a nice villa in the most upcoming and beautiful residential area in all of karachi. The place that I refer to is the one and only Bahria Town in Karachi. The process of constructing a villa there might be easy if you live there but the real hurdle comes when you live overseas but still want to construct a villa here. Well, give no tension to this matter as Dreamsnex is here to solve your problems.

The process through which they construct villas is all laid out to the customers and there is transparency in all of the different processes. This way the customer knows that it is a reliable company and they might not be part of a fraud. The initial process when the customer comes to the management team to construct a villa in Bahria town starts with showing the customers the catalogue of their past projects. This includes showing videos of the projects that they made in the past to assure the customers that they are in the right hands.

The different details regarding the constructions are also given, for example, the estimated cost of the whole project, the materials that they might use or the number of labourers that might be needed. All the details that are thought of before constructing a house. Then the customer will be emailed an agreement form that they will be required to sign. They can print the form and then sign it and then give it to any courier service like FED-EX to deliver the documents to the construction company and then they would start the process.

The blueprint of the villa is first made and the company takes every step to connect you with the best architect from the given options that you choose. They are also connected with you throughout every step along the way so that if there are any hurdles or problems they can fix them. The map is approved through the company and they also help the clients in interior designing and other planning so that they are happy with the results. After the client’s approval, the construction begins. The workers start with the digging first and work their way to erecting the grey structure.

The management from the company is always present on-site to oversee the work and they provide the clients with daily updates through any given means of communication. It can be zoom or WhatsApp calls, or chats, it is really up to the client to tell what they are comfortable with. The clients can pay for the construction through online means so that they are at the most ease throughout the process. They have to pay a certain amount up front and then pay the rest throughout the project. The day to day charges is all laid out to the clients, in other words, they are transparent to the clients. After completion, the completion certificate is given along with the keys and the transfer letter is given to the clients, all the processes which are directly overseen by the site’s authority.

CEO of DreamsNex nominated for the Fastest Growing Builder in Bahria Town Karachi

With our immense dedication and hard work, we are proudly nominated for the Fastest Growing Builders in Bahria Town for Apna Karachi Awards. This is a piece of wholesome news for us and we are astonished about how far we have made it. We were instantly nominated by the National Awards Jury. Just by being the nominee of this category, we have gotten more strength to do what we love with full power, dedication, and commitment. This has been a real eye-opener for us as well and to look around and admire all of the projects that we made successfully over a short period of time.

We are thankful to all our clients who look up to us and trust us wholeheartedly. We could not be in a state like we currently are if it wasn’t for our clients. A huge part of this also belongs to our workers who struggled day and night to get the job done. Apna Karachi Awards is the city’s largest platform of gratitude and acknowledgment which is why we are beyond illustrious and honored. It is for sure that now our hard work is paying off for the world to see.

How our breathless work is conquering 

We have continuously and still are working on numerous different projects. One of our greatest successes is the UBN Trade Tower which we managed to make stand tall in one year. Now, it is almost going to be completed. That is not all but there is still much more to come like our DX Smart Apartments and Residency. Therefore, we are very appreciative of being a nominee under the category of what we aim to be.

This has given us the true hope of putting in all our efforts in our coming-up projects as well. We have worked immensely hard to reach a stage like this and it is surely paying off. Just by being the nominee under this heading, we will surely get the acknowledgement towards our victorious contributions by all the individuals, companies, and different organizations as well from the respective city, Karachi as well as from the entire nation.

Different real estate issues Bahria Karachi – Reasons and solutions

Today we are going to discuss some of the issues of our clients. Our clients are facing some issues in the villas that were booked 6 to 7 months ago in the market. There are different reasons for this problem. As everyone knows that in the market there are both customers and builders. The builders in the market are trying to get contacts even at low prices. Most of the time new builders charge very low rates to make their place in the competition. They try to get more and more contacts at low prices. Over time, they keep improving their rates. Now the main problem is that to get more contracts the builders charged very low rates 6 months ago. But now due to the increasing rates of inflation they are not able to complete their projects.

Both the end-users and builders need to be careful in this regard. The new builders were offering very low rates to the end-users, it was impossible to make a villa at that rate. Dreamsnex have always been telling the users and builders through our videos that both of them need to work on this. To overcome this hurdle the end-user should be completely aware that how much amount is needed to make a villa. Let us take an example, so you need 50 lac to construct a proper villa. If a builder is offering you 45 lacs then the first thing that you should think about is how is it possible. There are different types of costs that you need to construct a villa. If the end-users and builders don’t see this aspect then they can face these problems.

When you are constructing a villa in Bahria Town you have to cope with some different costs. The costs include the team cost that is required to build the villa, inflation cost, and Bahria Town own charges. All of these things are other than the price to build a villa. The construction costs have increased a lot in these few months. So the prices of the contracts which were started in 7 months ago have now increased. Now after this situation the end-users are also becoming careful. Before starting the contract you should check the profiles of the builders so you can avoid any future difficulties. If the builders keep on offering low rates then this problem may occur again.

New Technology For Our Customer’s Ease – Live Construction Status

DreamsNex is feeling delighted to tell our clients that we are launching a client portal. It is good news for both the clients who have purchased from us and the clients who will purchase in the future. With the help of this portal, you can easily see all of your financial transactions. You can also see the transparency and work-in-progress of your contract. The clients can also easily see the stage of your contract and any other update regarding the contract on their mobile phones or laptop.

The reason that DreamsNex has introduced this technology is for the benefit of our clients. The world is progressing day by day and new software is launching in the market. Innovation is everywhere, so you cannot move forward without making one in your business. Different software applications are making the work easier for us. Keeping all of these things in mind DreamsNex launched this New Technology. The main motto of our company is to focus completely on our transparency and commitments. Our overseas customer will be definitely glad to know about this technology. They can now manage and see their contract by simply sitting at their home.

Our overseas customers can now see the daily transactions, or any new projects in Bahria Town, signing of Memo, and any other daily activities. Before introducing this technology the team of DreamsNex was still managing all of these things efficiently on Whatsapp. Due to your love, our work span and number of projects are increasing rapidly. With the increasing projects, we felt the need to systemize our work. For that reason, we launched an app. DreamsNex is the first one in Bahria Town to work on the client portal and CRM.

We will provide our respected clients with a password and email. With the help of them, they can log in to their account and easily access all of the transactions. You can also see any updates in Bahria Town Karachi. Due to the client portal, our customers will be able to collect specific information. You can save a lot of time because a successful login will help the customers to get in touch with our service provider.

Dx Smart Residency

Dreamsnex is planning to install the most advanced smart technology appliances in DX Smart Residency. One of the main features is the remote control of the main gate and its keyless operation. The main door will be equipped with locks that will be operated with smart device means, it can be opened with the click on mobile or other attached device. The keyless operations are getting common in high-tech buildings and the environment. We are planning to make use of these technologies in the DX Smart Residency.

This is not all about the key-less operation of main gates, all other features will also be there. Appliances will be controlled by mobiles, such as one can have access to control ACs, fans, and other appliances with the click on a smart device.

All this connectivity can be accessed from anywhere, for this one just has to make sure the reliable internet connection. We are planning to add more features to DX Smart Residency.

The concept of smart living is introduced by Dreamsnex in Bahria Town Karachi by us. We have planned this project after getting huge feedback from customers who couldn’t get their homes in the earlier projects. Together with splendid surroundings, outstanding construction and finishing and use of the modern facility will make it worth living place. For more details and information, please contact our representative.