Villa Construction Bahria Town Karachi- A guide for Overseas Client

Villa Construction Bahria Town Karachi- A guide for Overseas Client

You might think about owning a nice villa in the most upcoming and beautiful residential area in all of karachi. The place that I refer to is the one and only Bahria Town in Karachi. The process of constructing a villa there might be easy if you live there but the real hurdle comes when you live overseas but still want to construct a villa here. Well, give no tension to this matter as Dreamsnex is here to solve your problems.

The process through which they construct villas is all laid out to the customers and there is transparency in all of the different processes. This way the customer knows that it is a reliable company and they might not be part of a fraud. The initial process when the customer comes to the management team to construct a villa in Bahria town starts with showing the customers the catalogue of their past projects. This includes showing videos of the projects that they made in the past to assure the customers that they are in the right hands.

The different details regarding the constructions are also given, for example, the estimated cost of the whole project, the materials that they might use or the number of labourers that might be needed. All the details that are thought of before constructing a house. Then the customer will be emailed an agreement form that they will be required to sign. They can print the form and then sign it and then give it to any courier service like FED-EX to deliver the documents to the construction company and then they would start the process.

The blueprint of the villa is first made and the company takes every step to connect you with the best architect from the given options that you choose. They are also connected with you throughout every step along the way so that if there are any hurdles or problems they can fix them. The map is approved through the company and they also help the clients in interior designing and other planning so that they are happy with the results. After the client’s approval, the construction begins. The workers start with the digging first and work their way to erecting the grey structure.

The management from the company is always present on-site to oversee the work and they provide the clients with daily updates through any given means of communication. It can be zoom or WhatsApp calls, or chats, it is really up to the client to tell what they are comfortable with. The clients can pay for the construction through online means so that they are at the most ease throughout the process. They have to pay a certain amount up front and then pay the rest throughout the project. The day to day charges is all laid out to the clients, in other words, they are transparent to the clients. After completion, the completion certificate is given along with the keys and the transfer letter is given to the clients, all the processes which are directly overseen by the site’s authority.

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