A Detailed Description of Two bed’s Apartment in Precinct-19 Bahria Karachi

A Detailed Description of Two bed’s Apartment in Precinct-19 Bahria Karachi

Entering from the main gate, there will be an open kitchen on the right side. In some of the apartments, the kitchen is on the right side, as there are changes in floor plans among these apartments. Opposite this open kitchen, there is room to be built as a storeroom. Comparing these apartments with those of Bahria Heights, a closed kitchen is present in Bahria Heights. The size of the apartments of Bahria Heights is 1100 square feet while these are 950 square feet. Those apartments that are on corners will have added area of 44 square feet. After crossing the kitchen area, there is an open space for a TV lounge. On the left and ride side of the TV lounge, there are two bedrooms. These bedrooms have attached bathrooms along with cupboards.

The sanitary equipment like shower rooms and other necessities are being installed by Bahria Town Karachi. From the basin to mirrors and cupboards in the bedroom, all will be furnished by Bahria Town Karachi. For those who are concerned about the finishing quality, Bahria Town Karachi has maintained its legacy of quality work in these apartments. These apartments have been constructed keeping the strict rules of Bahria Town under consideration.

Market value in Precinct 19 Bahria Karachi

At present, the market value of these apartments is ranging from 82 lacs to 95 lacs with keys. As far as the total number of towers is concerned, they are 26 in total. Among all of these towers, only two towers, 25 and 26 are still in the phase of construction, as they are still in grey structures. The value of apartments in these two towers is in the range of 71 to 76 lacs. Comparing to prices six months back, the same apartment was available in the price range of 45 to 55 lacs. While in the other towers, the apartment was available in the range of 65 to 80 lacs. These apartments have gained a lot of value in the short time of six months. This shows that more people are now interested to get relocated to Bahria Town Karachi. The family of the 3 members who want to have quality living must consider this option. These apartments are one of the best places to live in Bahria Town Karachi.

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