Public Notice- Approval of the proposed master plan measuring 16896 acres of Bahria Town

Public Notice- Approval of the proposed master plan measuring 16896 acres of Bahria Town

Bahria Town has been developing the earliest and fastest out of all the other areas in Karachi. It is no surprise that a ton of people and construction companies the most to happen and it does without any hesitation. Therefore, now by establishing a luxurious lifestyle, it is a piece of thrilling news that the additional Deputy Commissioner-1, District Malir, Karachi has officially confirmed and also forwarded the ownership status of land measuring 16896 acres in numerous different areas. These areas include the Dehs viz. DehBolhari, DehLanghaji, DehKinkar, DehKharkhari and DehKathore of Bahria Town Karachi.

This also extends to the Sub Division such as the TalukaGadap and MuradMemon and District Malir. Therefore, now it has become easy to plan and sort out different structures in Bahria Town Karachi after this notice. It is one of the most populated areas and numerous people are still keen on settling there to live a peaceful and luxurious lifestyle. Not only that but, due to the speed of development in Bahri Town, it is not going to be reaching numerous milestones. Bahria Town is unique and different from the rest which is why it has been getting all the attention as it gives citizens a fruitful place of living. It does not only accommodate properties for a living but, has numerous commercial plans too.

The high-security planĀ 

One of the major reasons why numerous there are developments in Bahria Town Karachi is due to its high security. It ensures that living within its boundaries is secured with the best high-tech security plans. Therefore, it also establishes a high safe living plan for citizens as well which grants them a peaceful lifestyle. Hence, after this grand notice, there are going to be numerous milestones that Bahria Town Karachi will aim and fulfill.

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