Jaded Pakistan conference 2022

Jaded Pakistan conference 2022

DX Group is excited to announce Jadeed Pakistan conference 4.0 on 23rd March 2022. CEO DX Group Mr Saifullah said that the main motive of the jaded Pakistan conference is to make research on different aspects of the urban development and the modernization of the cities of Pakistan. It also addresses the issues that are related to climate change. One of the main aims of this conference is to bring cooperate sector, educationist government and youth closer so they can share their experiences. The theme of the conference was the transformation and the modernization of the cities. The conference is bringing together a host of stakeholders of the city from a variety of sectors. At the conference, there will be government officials, urban planners, public health professionals, development workers, and the business community. A larger amount of business community members will be at the conference.

The conference mainly concentrates on making some new satellites so the workload of the conference is reduced. Karachi is one of the main cities that is facing these problems. The overpopulation of Karachi is a very big problem. There are also many other issues like water, sanitation, local administration and transport. The conference will do some planning so that our cities can improve.

The conference will discuss how to use the energy resources properly and how to upgrade the environment. They will try to make the cities in terms of the use of resources of energy. For developing the narratives these kinds of sessions are very important. The focus of this conference was to raise awareness in the next generation. And to motivate the youth so they can take the lead in the change in the present. The youth nowadays has no investments nowadays. There are many youths who are game-changers but they are going abroad. This conference has an agenda and vision and plans to build its identity.

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