New Project DreamsNex Luxury Apartments Site Visit

New Project DreamsNex Luxury Apartments Site Visit

Bahria town Karachi is always working on improving the living standards of its inhabitants so they always have a new, one-of-a-kind project underway. As if the living standards there are not already very high the administration there keep on working days and nights to increase the prestige of the society so that more people are attracted to it and that the people living there are living their best lives, full of happiness and satisfaction as it is the main motto behind it, that is to always keep the customers as their main priority.

Dreamsnex is one of the construction companies that are working past shifts to continue the development in the area. The special project which is in the prelaunch stage is one of the most demanded projects in the area. It is located in one of the best locations in Bahria town Karachi and will be the fourth project by the company meaning that all the previous projects that they participated in were a resounding success. The project goes by the name of ‘DX Luxury’ apartments which was demanded by the residents of Bahria Town as there are not proper apartment facilities there and residents wanted ‘d and d’ apartments whose quality was high whose rates will be light on their pockets.

The building is designed to have 28 floors with a ground floor and resides on a 750 square yard plot size. It will be a very large building which can accommodate many people. There will be five apartments on one floor and the plan is to make three in the front and two in the back. There will be two kinds of rooms available to the customers; a two-bedroom apartment and a three-bedroom apartment. Both of these will be further divided into two categories; one two-bedroom apartment will be one thousand square feet and one will be 1100 square feet. The three-bedroom apartments will also be further divided into two categories; one will be 1550 square feet and one will be 1750 square feet.  They will also get other important facilities like powder rooms. This will ensure that the customers have a lot of options to choose from and that they might live comfortably for the duration of their stay. All of these rooms will be furnished with essential items and will feel like a luxury. The customer’s privacy is guaranteed and they will always look out for the customers. The booking will start at 25 per cent and the balance payments can be paid over thirty months.

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