Different real estate issues Bahria Karachi – Reasons and solutions

Different real estate issues Bahria Karachi – Reasons and solutions

Today we are going to discuss some of the issues of our clients. Our clients are facing some issues in the villas that were booked 6 to 7 months ago in the market. There are different reasons for this problem. As everyone knows that in the market there are both customers and builders. The builders in the market are trying to get contacts even at low prices. Most of the time new builders charge very low rates to make their place in the competition. They try to get more and more contacts at low prices. Over time, they keep improving their rates. Now the main problem is that to get more contracts the builders charged very low rates 6 months ago. But now due to the increasing rates of inflation they are not able to complete their projects.

Both the end-users and builders need to be careful in this regard. The new builders were offering very low rates to the end-users, it was impossible to make a villa at that rate. Dreamsnex have always been telling the users and builders through our videos that both of them need to work on this. To overcome this hurdle the end-user should be completely aware that how much amount is needed to make a villa. Let us take an example, so you need 50 lac to construct a proper villa. If a builder is offering you 45 lacs then the first thing that you should think about is how is it possible. There are different types of costs that you need to construct a villa. If the end-users and builders don’t see this aspect then they can face these problems.

When you are constructing a villa in Bahria Town you have to cope with some different costs. The costs include the team cost that is required to build the villa, inflation cost, and Bahria Town own charges. All of these things are other than the price to build a villa. The construction costs have increased a lot in these few months. So the prices of the contracts which were started in 7 months ago have now increased. Now after this situation the end-users are also becoming careful. Before starting the contract you should check the profiles of the builders so you can avoid any future difficulties. If the builders keep on offering low rates then this problem may occur again.

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