Bahria Town Karachi construction SOP’s

Bahria Town Karachi construction SOP’s

It is a proud moment to announce that Salaam Estate and DreamsNex have now started the pilling process of DX Smart apartments. After the manual digging and inspection from Bahria Town, we have been approved to move further with our goals. The stage of the DX Smart apartments is at its piling section and hopefully after inspection again, the excavation will start. We are sure that we will be completed with this structure soon. The basement and the ground floor roofs will soon be seen in upcoming February. This takes a lot of hard work and dedication because there is inspection after every step. As we had the same commitment with you in the past, we still have the same today.

We will keep updating you from time to time on what our next step is going to be and how we are managing everything. Furthermore, the steel that we are using is of the best material. We were anticipating using this steel because we want to give our best to the people. As we completed the tower within one year, we are sure that we will be able to finish this project fast as well. We are also acknowledged by Bahria Town, Karachi that we are the fastest team. Moreover, like previously, we will always give you the exact timeline of this project just like we gave for the rest. We will also make model apartments. All we need is your trust and patience.

There are many new questions that keep coming up mainly for construction in Bahria Town Karachi. Bahria Town, Karachi welcomes everyone to come and work in their land and there are not many restrictions. There is no need for registration but, there are some SOPs and laws and these are very good for end-users. In this, you have proper ownership of your plot, some approvals, in every stage there is inspection. All of these things are very useful in the long run.

Hence, it is the land of opportunity. The check-in balance is that plots can only be sold if he or she has the ownership. Whenever there is a project is launched, you can always take 20% of the down payment. The profit ratio has suffered a bit because the construction cost has increased. When we talk about the Liberty commercial, the plots are 266 sq yards and in a single plot, you can make a basement, ground, and 8 floors. If you keep doubling the yard then the floors increase.

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