4 bedroom villa 125 Sq Yard Villa for sale Bahria Karachi

4 bedroom villa 125 Sq Yard Villa for sale Bahria Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi is going through a speedy time of construction of villas. It first started out small but then now, it is grown and nearly all precincts have numerous villas. There are also some precincts where families have moved in and they are alive. Hence, if you are looking for a villa in a lively place then precinct 11 b is the best. DreamNex deals with all sorts of commercial buildings and give them out to customers so that they can live their best life. Hence, if you are looking for a good 4 or 3-bedroom villa of 125 sq yards then getting one in 11 b is the best.

You can tell us about what you would want your villa to look like and we will be able to make it for you. Moreover, the elements that we use to make the villa are one of a kind. All of them have quality work done on them and they are durable. The doors used such as for the entrance is a solid door. There are 2 different options you can choose from. The other doors that are used are press doors. The tiles that are used are from China and they come in different textures as well as different colors. The cabinets of the kitchen are made from Lasani. For the sanitary we used Sonics and for the windows we uses aluminum.

The facilities and the price structure 125 Sq Yard Villa  

All of the materials used can be changed by your demand. If you want to change the house structure and want to have bedrooms and the kitchen in different areas then we can do that as well. We will just need your blueprint and we will get the work done. Hence, you can get this will for 80 lakhs after including the charges that Bahria Town adds. Therefore, you are getting an amazing villa for a good price.

This is one of the best deals that you can avail of because there are a ton of families who are shifting here and the rates keep rising. Therefore, this is the best chance to grab your hand in this villa. It is neat and clean and it also has a majestic view of the masjid. Hence, all the facilities are nearby and there is no sort of trouble that will come to you. Moreover, this precinct is in the developing sector which is why the prices of the villa are affordable. Therefore, do not miss this amazing opportunity to get your ideal villa in the best area possible.

The blueprint of the villa 125 Sq Yard

When you first enter the villa, you will see the main TV lounge which will be connected to the dining area on the left side. On the right side, you will find the open kitchen which will connect to the small hallway outside. Next to the main entrance, you will see the powder room. Next to the powder room are the staircases that lead you to the 1st floor. There is one bedroom on the ground floor which is placed next to the kitchen and the staircase.

When you enter the first floor, there will be another door that will lead you to the roof. There are 2 bedrooms on the right side and one on the left. All of the bedrooms have built-in cupboards and a washroom. There is also an open kitchen which is accompanied by a terrace. Moreover, all the bedrooms have large windows to make the room look bigger as well as brighter. Hence, the whole villa has numerous windows to allow great ventilation and sunlight.

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