Launching of 2 Bed Smart Apartment in Bahria Karachi

Launching of 2 Bed Smart Apartment in Bahria Karachi

Updates on DX Smart Residency

This landmark project is the joint venture of Salam Estate and Builders with Dreamsnex. Before this marvelous project, both companies have already launched one of their iconic project of DX Smart apartments. This project is located at Ali Square. The interesting thing about this project is that the whole project was sold out even before the launching of the project. It has got widespread attention in the whole project. As far as the location of DX Smart Residency, it is located in the ideal situation. This is a west open project, situated on plot no. 82. In this project, there will be 8 floors above the ground floor. On the ground floor, commercial shops will be built. While from the first to the eighth floor, there will be apartments of three different kinds. Apartments on the sides will be 950 square feet while the middle one will be 750 square feet.

Just in front of this project, there will be Bahria Heights. It is expected that possession of Bahria Heights will be handed over very soon. On the other side of DX Smart Residency, there will be villas of 10-A. along with this, Ali square, Ali Block, and precinct 8 will be in front of this project. This has made this project very ideal as far as location is concerned. This is the reason, these apartments are expected to cross those of Bahria Heights once they will be fully ready.

As of now, we are charging 9000 per square foot for this project. This is ideal to buy these apartments. As for DX Smart apartment’s prices have started going upwards after the soil testing. This is because we have maintained over credibility in the market. As we have several successful projects on our credit. We have ensured our customers a good return on investment. This newly launched project is one of the best projects for investment. As small apartments are a good one to buy owing to their re-sale nature. We are committed to having a grey structure in the smallest possible time.

The commercial shops available on the ground floor is also suitable for having a good return in small time. This can be witnessed from the prices of shops in Bahria Heights. Those who are interested to have more information about this project, please feel free to contact us.

Salam Estate and Builders in association with Dreamsnex is pleased to announce their 3rd project. Before getting into the details of this new project, let us highlight our previous landmark project. The project with the title of “DX Smart Apartments” is first of its nature in Bahria Town Karachi. As the concept of smart living is introduced in this for the very first time. The project has ground and 8 floors above it. Apartments in the project are of two bedrooms. This project has got so much popularity. That is the reason it was sold within no time. This is due to our proven record. Owing to the success of this project, we are being asked to come up with a new project similar to that one.

The new project by us has the title “DX Smart Residency”. At the moment, we are in the third state of execution. The first two steps including planning, soil testing, and other formalities are completed. The project is ready to commence construction work. The details of the project are as follows;

  • It is located on plot no. 82, Liberty commercial 3 in precinct 8. The address of this project is almost the same as that of the previous project. DX Smart Residency is just in front of DX Smart Apartments. On the right side of the project, Ali Square is situated. While on the left side of this project, Bahria Heights is located at a distance of 200-250 meters.
  • DX Smart Residency project is a completely west-open project.
  • There will be the construction of ground plus eight floors in this project. On each floor, there will be 3 apartments will be there. These apartments will be of 2 bedrooms, of the area of 750 and 950 square feet.
  • The booking price of these apartments will be 25%, digging 20% and the monthly installment is 30%. We are committed to ensuring the same level of construction and delivery as in the case of the UBN trade tower and DX Smart Apartments. We are planning to deliver this project in 2.5 years.
  • We guarantee to our customers in written that in case of any delay, Salam Estate and Dreamsnex will pay rental value to compensate the loss incurred by late delivery.

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